Thursday, 12 December 2013


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131210 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Lib Dem ex-minister calls for new spy laws - good for him #UK #gchq

Response to the #Snowden revelations: the seven-month itch - "the future of the online world is on the line"

#TPP ministerial slated for Davos, Switzerland in January - retreating to the Magic Mountain #desperate

#Norway To Digitize All Its Books, Allowing Domestic IP Addresses To Read All Of Them, Irrespective Of (c) Status -

#TTIP Forum - totally biased & one-sided conference: no room 4 scepticism or public view; disgraceful (v @EuropeinUK)

UK prepares to launch internet archive without internet access - publishers to blame, as usual (v @vickeegan)

#TPP trade deal favours US corporate agenda - NGOs - not just NGOs: it's a simple fact

#TPP Ratification Process - I read this as NZ cabinet will approve TPP, not NZ parliament: is that right? awful if so

#TPP talks fail to reach agreement - "landing zones" formulation allows for plenty of misdirection

#Blackfish, #SeaWorld and the backlash against killer whale theme park shows - pl. boycott this cruel abuse of whales

"#AU is very determined to see an ambitious market access outcome" - prepared to compromise everything else? #TPP

Why #Mozilla Was Right: #GCHQ & #NSA Track Cookies - time to block all cookies, then whitelist some

Haunting Multiple-Exposure Photos Blend Humans and Nature - spooky but beautiful

#Ubuntu Touch OS wins its first smartphone partner - exciting

#TPP update: Talks stall as concern grows - lots of good links (v @DrDebGleeson)

This is #Nokia's #Android phone - whoa, interesting...

Groser must tell #NZ public downside of #TPP talks - simply dishonest & insulting not to do so

Copyright vs free speech: #TPP will take away basic rights if ratified - deeper & broader than #ACTA in bad ways

Visualizing #TPP Negotiating Positions with New Leaks: Salt Lake City - makes US isolation graphically clear

The Oxford Comma is your friend - always been my view... #iinguistics

US factory farming: appalling tales of cruelty - NB:#TAFTA/#TTIP will bring these animals to EU plates (v @dozykraut)

Data isn't a four-letter word - nice to see #snowden mentioned; but current "Safe Harbour" undercuts ideas here #EU

Not just the #NSA: #Surveillance company selling system to spy on any mobile phone worldwide - big (v @csoghoian)

#AU Law Reform Commission recommends 'fair use' style exception - but will #TPP allow it? (v @lilianedwards)

Former #whistleblowers: open letter to intelligence employees after #Snowden - join them: "Courage is contagious."

Muen Separation Kernel Lays #OpenSource Foundation for High-Assurance Software Components - sounds interesting #gplv3

Impossible to conclude #TPP negotiations by year end, says #malaysia - would be debated in parliament on signing

MI5 chief Andrew Parker will not face MPs on #Snowden claims - confirms view they can't justify them, 'cos not true

French officials can monitor internet users in real time under new law - really, #France? #surveillance

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Thinks Google Is To Blame For Infringement On The Web - </facepalm>

#Uruguay marijuana decision 'breaks internationally endorsed treaty' - time to bin the treaty, then...

23 dazzling photos of the fog enveloping #London - oddly enough, this is rather a rare sight these days...

#SteamOS will be available to download on December 13th - the #linux empire continues to spread (v @popey

Fast-track authority, currency manipulation remain top issues amid #TPP delay - why cede authority? (v @DrRimmer)

Free Trade, Gangnam Style: The Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement - good early analysis of #KAFTA, which has #ISDS

FDA finally addresses problem of antibiotic overuse by meat industry — sort of - "sort of" may not be good enough...

NZ judge: @KimDotcom is likely still being spied upon - never-ending story...

China Bans Shark Fin Soup From Official Banquets - kudos, #china. now, about that ivory problem...

Internet Apartheid in Tibetan-dominated Aba County - not good

Police Who Seized Woman's Phone As 'Evidence' Of Bogus Crime Now Complaining About Criticism - incredible

#FSF: "We call on these companies to issue set of principles declaring support for user control over software." -

"Das geplante Freihandels-Abkommen #TTIP zwischen der EU und den USA dient den Interessen der Konzerne" - #TAFTA

#TPP Won't Wrap Up This Year, But Fast Track Remains a Threat - "no fast track authority for shady backroom deals"

Romanian MPs decriminalise political corruption - cut all #EU funding until it's cancelled (v @fhenriques @ronpatz)

“amount they are requesting is around half of national schools budget" - #ISDS in action (v @SenatorSurfer @DrRimmer)

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