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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121029 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Serving Science or #Monsanto? - disgraceful #fud: all my respect for the #AAAS just vanished #gm

EU ministers back deep cuts in shipping fuel emissions - overdue

Supreme Court seeks a way around "perpetual copyright" on foreign goods - ridiculous question even being considered

Rien ne serait arrivé sans la loi de Moore - hmm, this seems strangely familiar #opensource

Cancer specialist supports Seralini, condemns his critics - Academy of Medicine said asbestos safe - in 1996 #GM

Climate models get smarter, but uncertainty just won't go away - complex problem

Greek journalists warn over press freedom - situation in#greece looks dire from every angle

Bulgarian Banks Try To Silence Web Site That Called Them 'Bad Apples' - not good #bg

#India changes its internet governance position — backs away from UN proposal - welcome

Decreto Crescita 2.0, proposte operative per l'Openness - to see more of this coming through #it #opendata

Google's extreme digital capitalism is just a different form of socialism - ha! nice analysis

RT @europeanprivacy#Open #Internet: presidential candidates ignore #onlinecontroversy - >>that & #climatechange

Sicily Election Results Shock Italy - "results of regional elections in Sicily herald a new era in Italian politics"

From #OpenSource to #Crowdfunding - all part of the big trend towards openness & collaboration

Google News wars are here again: France, Brazil, Germany front up - crazy stuff

Looking Beyond #TPP: US & EU Planning More Bad IP Rules In 'US-EU Free Trade Agreement' - push for #transparency now

Privacy in #Ubuntu 12.10: Amazon Ads and Data Leaks - not happy bunnies

A 10-year #EFSA controversy: Time to tackle industry bias and reclaim food safety! Conference in Parma - long overdue

Review of #OpenAccess in Economics - useful look at #oaoptions for economists

UK's Intellectual Property Obliteration office attacked by Parliament - not true: just by a few copyright maximalists

Indian Music Industry Files Petition Supporting IT Rules - content takedown without notice (v @Atul_Desh)

Have EU orphans found a caring home? - confirms how#hostageworks directive was butchered by #copyright maximalists

Three former Environment Ministers speak out on NK603 and Roundup - more doubts about #gm approval process #monsanto

US judge coming to tell stupid Brits what to think about terrorism - & sabotage extradition reforms (v @jrodwyer @4b5)

Brazil’s Indigenous battle corruption in land administration -

Is it Time to Police the Police? - well past the time...

Food crisis: The fight for corn [er, maize] - long, detailed piece about important issue

Village Voice sues Yelp for using “Best of” - to think I used to read this, too...

5 Things You Need To Know About Chinese Social Media - useful #china

Indonesian Compulsory Licenses Show Values of Pro-Access TRIPS-Flexibility Terms in Voluntary Licenses - indeed #id

Greece gave birth to democracy. Now it has been cast out by a powerful elite - kudos to the #guardian for pursuing this

Participatory #Innovation Conference 2013 - "how people outside an org. can contribute to its innovation" (v @hleman)

Supreme Court Justices Worry About 'Parade Of Horribles' If They Agree You Don't Own What You Bought - good summary

Proof that #EFSA used double standards to attack Seralini - worse & worse #gm #monsanto

RT @glynwintle Police saying they need #ccdp so they can catch young people communicating using game consoles>>desperate or what?

#Mozilla's Learning/WebLiteraciesWhitePaper - "a reference point and framework to help develop web literacies"

A new wave of surveillance in Pakistan - more details of worrying moves #pk

MT @bengoldacre#BMJ insist that all data for trials they publish must now be accessible. >>hugely important #opendata

Hello people of the past: you... seriously used Dr Who and the Daleks to advertise tobacco? - wow, is that real?

Digital revolution lights up #Africa with maps, mobiles, money and markets - important shift, happening rapidly

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121028 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

One Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just about anything - thorough analysis of hugely important case

Most U.S. #Drones Openly Broadcast Secret Video Feeds - much?

Pearson & Bertelsmann To Form Global Consumer Publishing Giant, To Take on Amazon - I doubt they'll succeed

Meet the superheroes fighting for your right to mobile #privacy - useful roundup of issues & people

$99 Raspberry Pi-sized "supercomputer" hits Kickstarter goal - that's a relief; runs #ubuntu

“Patently Evil: What if ‘intellectual property’ is bad for business?”—Global Trade Magazine - good to see

The Next Big Battles - #canada and #india the battlegrounds #copyright #freedom

Has a deal been done to bring GM crops to Europe? - is the#UK government hand-in-glove with #GM industry?

The Tory retreat on climate change is senseless -"greenest government ever"? I think not...

Valve stays true to its word, opens Steam Linux beta seeking 1000 “experienced Linux users” - hurry, hurry, hurry

Boy kicked out of school 'cos he has gene for cystic fibrosis - genetic discrimination (v @Asher_Wolf @Privacymatters)

Orion 1.0 Release - "Orion is meant to be a set of components for tooling that lives in a browser". released under #EPL

Give Your Views on Europe's Digital Future - the European Commission's DG CONNECT has asked: why not tell them? #eu

Sped-up video makes real airplanes look like bad 1950s special effects - love it #london

Congress - another mind-blowing, data-driven #xkcd

los colegios tendrán, desde marzo, netbooks con Huayra, un sistema operativo libre desarrollado en la #Argentina - fab

Local news super roll-up: UK #publishing rivals may face future together - more consolidation driven by Internet

RapidShare Removes Piracy Deterring Slowdowns - uh-huh

New Nexus 7 Pricing Confirmed: $199 For 16GB, $249 For 32GB - what about the Nexus 10, though....?

The UK consortium for mobile payments and ads is finally named: ‘Weve’ - let the punning begin...

Despite No One Wanting It To, #ITU Seeks To Butt In On Patent Issues Too - its cluelessness borders on the epic

It's A Samsung Smartphone World - We Just Live In It -"Nokia is a fish floating dead in the water": ouch

Being Online Has Become So Common That Some People No Longer Identify It As Being Online - there's an offline???

Access Info Europe against Spain’s Ministry of Justice - Request for information about anti-corruption measures - yay

Act now USians: your right to own property is being considered at the Supreme Court today - yes, please do...

wind map - weirdly beautiful, beautifully weird, (v @mmasnick)

"Oyster Creek is same design, but even older, than Fukushima Daichii unit 1" - (v @YourAnonNews @Asher_Wolf)#sandy

Another NYPD Terrorist 'Investigation' Turns Up Nothing But Privacy Invasions And Rights Erosion - what a farce

Valve: Linux Better Than Windows 8 for Gaming - my, how times change...

Study Shows Why Tablets Could Become The New Center Of Living Room Entertainment - seems plausible

AshTag - "free tool to help you do your bit to track the spread of the Ash ‘die back’ fungus and limit its impact" #uk

European Parliament's Policy Department to study free software - a little late, but welcome

DARPA's Pet-Proto Robot Navigates Obstacles - if this doesn't scare you witless, you're not paying attention...

swarm-bots pulling a child - just in case you weren't freaked out enough (v @whvholst)

Did climate change cause Hurricane #Sandy? The answer depends on why you're asking - excellent, nuanced response

Venice cruise liner row escalates - time to ban these dangerous monsters now

Washington Post: Yes, We Need To Give Up Liberty For Security - oh, come on 

TinyBASIC for Raspberry Pi - this is progress? did Bill Gates write it?

The opiates of the (American) masses - yes, this has always struck me

Designing DNA Specific Bio-Weapons - the big problem is when it's targeted at certain races...

[RT] Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121028 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Monday, 29 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121027 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Two Tibetan cousins set themselves on fire in China - tragedy #tibet

Big Data Right Now: Five Trendy #OpenSource Technologies - hot area, cool solutions

#Ubuntu Core On The #Nexus 7 - now this is an interesting move

#Hackathons: the How To Guide - meets a need

Why #China's 1% Is Now Discreetly Hiding Its Wealth - trend (v @bruces @sinkdeep)

Economic value of #opensource - great presentation, lots of fascinating stats 

Behind Imran’s Hounding - Craig Murrary asking the right questions as usual...

More forest sites infected as ash disease takes hold - utter incompetence from the uk government: they were warned

Climate-change Denying Senator James Inhofe Wins 2012 Rubber Dodo Award - a worthy winner (v @schestowitz)

Jeremy Hunt to open world’s first #placebo hospital - makes sense (v @McDawg)

Big History theories pose latest challenge to traditional curriculum - looks like I'll have to agree with Mr Gates

Tensions mount as police grab protesters in #China - protests, using smartphones & tablets...

#WestPapua: Independence marches defy fresh attacks by #Indonesia - situation still bad here (v @suigenerisjen)

Hans Werner Henze (1926 - 2012): Reverse Chronological Collection on Spotify - in memoriam

#MediaGoblin, an emerging free and open media publishing platform - more love needed

DDL Salva-Sallusti sulla diffamazione. Cosa succede il 29 ottobre in Senato. - good question #italy

Canadian Police Want New Internet #Surveillance Tools - look, another one... 

Hidden in Plain Sight - telling to find article about #tor in @delta magazine (v @stevejberry @BiellaColeman @nc2y)

The mess that is the European software patent - excellent historical summary: what happened & why #swpats #eu

"Bottled Life" - "The Truth about #Nestlé's Business with#Water": a crucial battle for humanity over the next decade

This is what #climatechange looks like - get used to it, too, because there's more where this came from, unfortunately

Police move on campaigners for “criminal acts against DWP” - what on earth??? (v @schestowitz)#bullying #intimidation

The Aquarium Politics of the Global Beluga-Whale Trade - summary of the issues (v @bdarcus)

Hurricane Sandy Visible From Space Station (video) - big (v @ghostdancer)

Burglar uses iPhone as flashlight, accidentally records the crime - ha! (v @rmack)

The #OA Interviews: Ian Gibson, former Chairman of the UK House of Commons Science & Technology Committee - superb

What's behind the science academies' attack on Seralini? - if this is all true, it stinks #gm #monsanto

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121026 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

U.S. looks to replace human #surveillance with computers - what could possibly go wrong?

#Pakistan To Start Monitoring All Emails, Phone Calls & 'Other Communications' With Foreigners - who will be next?

Mastodon Matrix Project - citizen science meets palaeontology – nice

Cisco's CEO Rips Into The Patent System & All Who Abuse It, Big Or Small - now many more do we need before acting?

#Georgia Aquarium Beluga Plan Raises Whale Culture Questions - shame on the people involved: this is so retrogressive

RIAA Apparently Forgot To Tell Six Strikes Coordinators That 'Independent' Firm It Hired Used To Lobby For The RIAA -

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing -, maybe; nice use of crowdsourcing, though #linguistics

#Japan Was the First to Ratify #ACTA. Will They Join #TPP Next? - great summary of situation there

#Copyright: The New #Mercantilism - great way of looking at this

Scientist Refused Permission To Call Hominids 'Hobbits', Even Though Word 1st Used In Print In 1895 - Not By Tolkien -

"a storm of 'historic proportions' expected to strike US coastline" - nothing to do with #climate change, of course...

Conlon Nancarrow at 100: Chronological Collection - stuff - do try to listen to some if you don't know him

EU's DG Connect wants to know what we think of them -, anonymous online survey; why not mention #netneutrality..?

“Dalligate” begins to look like a crime novel - did #tobaccoindustry frame Dalli to stop anti-tobacco directive?

Ecologists preparing for boom in urban wildlife 'invaders' - boar coming to a street near you?

#microsoft: "had to shift our focus to security engineering" - it should have written better code to begin with

Fish in the desert - ever wondered how fish end up in a lake in the middle of the desert? here's how...

How a GMO, a pesticide, and a system can be toxic - Seralini - great point about hypocrisy from man at centre of storm

Chaos im Bundesvorstand: Doppelrücktritt erschüttert Piratenpartei - does this party have a death-wish or something?

Storm chaser's gorgeous photography -  nice stuff

Hans Werner Henze ist tot - "im Alter von 86 Jahren"

Light Entertainment - v fine piece on the widening #savilescandal (v @jojomoyes @indiaknight @IanMartin @Glinner)

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121025 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

80 terabytes of archived web crawl data available for research - only???

Climate scientist gets compared to Jerry Sandusky, files libel suit - petty vindictiveness of denialists is staggering

EU-funded research shows mothers, children exposed to chemicals - chemical industry says "who cares?"

Visualizing Open Energy Data in Canada - nicely done#opendata

Apple slips as Android claims 41% of global tablet market - but but fanbois said this could never happen...

Why are Indians so active on Quora? - fascinating, nearly as active as Usians

The Industrial Radical‘s Radical Copyright Policy - kudos

Feds Continue To Consider Linux Users Criminals For Watching DVDs - ridiculous

Consumer group urges Aussies to spoof IP addresses - it all, really

Tobacco lobby focus switches from Dalli to Stoiber - companies corrupt everything they touch

Government Gives Samsung and Motorola #Monopoly Patent Grants; then Probes them for “Patent Abuse” - rather good point

Samsung widens global smartphone lead, as Nokia drops from top 5 - so how's that microsoft strategy going, nokia?

Will Proposed Pan-#Africa Intellectual Property Organization Enable The West To Impose Its Monopolies? - this is crazy

The Old Radical: How #Bitcoin Is Being Destroyed - view

Epsilon and Zeta - another research-based masterpiece from #xkcd

Twiterith - "first known use of the word “twitter” as a verb"; nice one, Geoff...

La #Hadopi aimerait faire de l'open-source, mais ne peut point (dit-elle) - can't imagine why...

Apple on UK website: Samsung didn’t copy the iPad…because “they are not as cool” as us - ha!

Welcome Windows 8 to a Post-Desktop World - great summary from Jim Zemlin how things have changed in favour of #linux

No Impunity: Armenian politicians duck justice - poor, long-suffering #armenia #corruption

Wholesale Murder of Africans - caused by drug patents pricing genuine medicine out of their reach

EU trade policy cannot ignore the Geneva conventions: the European Parliament must reject ACAA protocol with Israel -

European Parliament draws line in the sand: financial markets must not play with food - it's a start (v @asteris)

Surmounting the Insurmountable: Wikipedia Is Nearing Completion, in a Sense - well, yes & no...

The scandal of missing children: care home runaways are not tracked - important piece about dreadful situation in UK

NY Times blocked in China as it reveals Wen Jiaobao’s obscene family wealth - feet of clay again?

Hobbit makers ban uni from using ‘hobbit’ - time to make fun of the people who decided this (v @edyong209 @BoraZ)

interesting: #hobbit first used in 1895 - maybe that NZ scientist can use it... (v @putt1ck)

"offices of anti-tobacco campaigners in Brussels have been subject to a sophisticated burglary" - whoa (v @bengoldacre)

How Linux makes the post-desktop world possible - oh yes

#OECD Gets It: The Internet Works, So Don't Break It -'re lookin' at you, #WCIT #commons

UK Guidelines 4 Cases Where Jurisdiction To Prosecute Is Shared With Prosecuting Authorities Overseas [pdf] - views?

Berlusconi sentenced for tax fraud - sentence cut immediately, appeals underway; i.e. he gets off again (v @webmink)

No, #Copyright Is Not A Human Right - great post, hugely important point...

Lena Dunham remembers her first time – and Republicans are outraged - oh, humourless too...

Freemium app revenue growth leaves premium in the dust - look, those paid apps not doing so well it seems

Faulkner Estate Sues Sony Pictures Because Owen Wilson Quoted Nine Words (Incorrectly) - oh, come on #copyright

Philip Morris Sends Cease & Desist To Artist For Using Marlboro Box In His Art - story obviously needs some publicity

Deepwater corals may be key to restoring damaged reefs, survey finds - good news for a change

Scientist Refused Permission To Call Hominids 'Hobbits', Even Though Word 1st Used In Print In 1895 - Not By Tolkien -

Friday, 26 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121024 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] Indian Politician Plans To Install Surveillance Cameras In His Ministers' Homes And Offices - others should try it

#Hindi Songs, #Bollywood & Indian Music - Free! - great site for fans everywhere

"#RasberryPi and #Broadcom - get a big FAIL for even bothering to make a press release for this" -  disappointing

Dalli resignation row turns to war of words with Barroso - is going to be a complex mess #eu

Apple wins preliminary ruling from U.S. ITC that Samsung violates 4 design and touch patents - swings & roundabouts

[RT] restoration of defocused and blurred images using #opensource- whoa, think of the implications here (v @gnat)

UK makes biggest emissions cuts in Europe - "economy grew 48% since 1990, emissions are down 18%" NB US...

Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General, Threatens To Arrest U.N. Elections Observers - dictators applaud (v @jwildeboer)

Is The #EU's New Directive On Clinical Trials Moving In The Wrong Direction? - doesn't look good #opendata #health

Governments Weigh Options On New Top-Level Domains At ICANN - let's hope they do something sensible

Getting Kids Into Electronics With Hummingbird - nice idea, bit pricey #opensource

PirateBox Takes File-Sharing Off The Radar and Offline, For Next To Nothing - cat & mouse continues

EU-Kommission distanziert sich von Netzsperren - let's hope this is true

Bowker: Number of self-published books up 287% since 2006 - clearly things aren't too bad in some sectors

Inside the #Monsanto Information War - great piece: "FDA has never done a safety study on these products"

Turns Out When Random House Said Libraries 'Own' Their Ebooks, It Meant, 'No, They Don't Own Them' - what a surprise

Legal Scholars: Thumbs Down on Patent and Copyright - a few familiar names

Torrent Site Webhost Ordered to Pay “Piracy” Damages - precedent

#Wikipedia rolls out a completely redesigned mobile site, with an emphasis on type and readability - good idea

This #Android Phone is Tailor-Made for Visually Impaired People - great idea

Green campaigners condemn Peter Lilley's energy committee post - "anti-green, anti-science forces are gaining ground"

Kritik von allen Seiten am Leistungsschutzrecht, aber es kommt trotzdem - utterly bonkers

UN Assault on the Open Internet and Privacy - why UK government-financed report on terrorism & the Net is exactly wrong

TV Shack Admin Richard O’Dwyer “Almost Certain” To Be Extradited To US - extradition for copyright? shameful

UN Agencies: A growing threat for the Internet? - good analysis of this truly bad report #terrorism #censorship

UK parliamentarians scrutinize digital surveillance plan -'s hope they do rather more than just that...

‘Am Weg zu einer normalen Partei’: Böll-Stiftung präsentiert Piraten-Studie - interesting #de

Why Canada should reject EU demands on pharma patents - 'cos they'd be mad not to (v @mgeist)#CETA

#Hackers fighting #Corruption? - hugely important initiative#transparency

Internet betting: Irish government seeks to introduce blocking on no evidence and against EU findings - evidence-free

#Monsanto Meets Ministers to Push Return of GM Crops to Britain - more anti-science, pro-business stuff from coalition

Sabato 27 Ottobre tutti pronti per #LinuxDay2012 - che ci fossi anch'io... #it

Dalligate: Smokescreen or smoking gun? - big, important piece about lobbying, corruption & transparency in #eu

Richard O'Dwyer's Extradition Case - his mother gives the facts #copyright

Threatened Voices - "collaborative database of bloggers who have been threatened, arrested or killed"

The Data Bootcamp in #Tanzania - great to see #opendata#africa

Pearson confirms Penguin/Random House merger talks - #publishing

Software Eats Education: With $15 Million In Series B Funding, Andreessen Horowitz Bets On Udacity -

Making The Most Of File Sharing: Free Market Research & A Captive Target Audience - an opportunity, not a threat

An Ada Lovelace Day edit-a-thon at Harvard University - idea, more needed

The ODI embraces data-as-culture with art commission -; closes this sunday (v @agentGav @leashless)#opendata

EU #Surveillance Team: We Need More Surveillance To Justify More Surveillance - as one does #INDECT

Four NGOs ask NIH to grant open licenses to ritonavir patents under Bayh-Dole March-in provisions - potentially big

"Die Printredaktionen sind die Basis für alles, was wir auf Online entwickeln können" - hahaha, u funny (v @annalist)

UN to investigate civilian deaths from US #drone strikes -"he condemned secret rendition and waterboarding as crimes"

#London's Admiralty Arch to be luxury hotel - not sure about this

How the UK Police copy and keep your phone secrets -; this must stop #snooping

#TPP’s Effects on the IP Law of Canada and Mexico -, useful; #ca or #mx would be mad to agree to this lot

Freedom to tinker is the missing feature in tablets and smartphones - crucial point

Striking new scientific study shows strikingly that scientific studies with striking results often false - makes sense

The Value of Money for Nothing - "money is such a powerful drug and scarcity thinking so pervasive"

Anthropologist: Apple is a religion - well, obvs

Megaupload Can’t Come Back Online, U.S. Tells Court -, the DoJ's argument is unbelievably strained

Obama Administration Convicts Whistleblower, Gives Accused Torturers A Free Pass - "a terrible day for the rule of law"

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121023 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

GOP Senate Candidate Likens Pregnancies from Rape to ‘a Gift from God’ - riiight

Tribunal Slams Ecuador with Largest Ever Investor-State Penalty - this is staggering. #tpp nations take note

EU bioenergy policies increase carbon emissions, says leaked EU study - what a fiasco; cancel it now

Sony faces setback as hackers release PlayStation 3 decryption keys - inevitable: why is anyone surprised?

Why we want to build Charles Babbage's Victorian computer - what a splendid idea (v @slashdot) 

Pesticides hit non-pests: exposed bees forage poorly, die more often - not good

FOSS' Fight Against #China's Free-as-in-Pirated Syndrome - good summary of what's going there #opensource

The Overwhelming Empirical Case Against #Patent & #Copyright - "no studies unambiguously showing a net societal gain"

Munich Is Just the Latest City to Standardize on #LibreOffice - just one of many

Clay Christensen, newspapers and the cliff of despair - well, they had enough warning - over 15 years of it from me...

Striking Engineering Photos Hold Their Own as Works of Art - nice

#China verbietet Ausländern Reisen nach #Tibet - nothing to hide, of course...

Pirate Bay Censored in Ireland After Mysterious Court Order - #streisandeffect imminent #censorship

Congratulations to #Cornwall – how democracy should work - there's hope yet #outsourcing

Costa Rican Students Fight For The Right To Photocopy Textbooks - literally, not metaphorically, too...

Detecting Languages in #London's Twittersphere -, if a little limited (v @londonist)

Tim Cook Blinked First - The Nexus 7 Takes Pride Of Place At The iPad Mini Launch - yes, this was a me-too product...

#ACTA#CETA, etc. Stop Denying Democracy! - Commission seems not to have learnt... #eu Crowdfunding für Gemeingüter - why it's better than #kickstarter

Europe Follows Through On Threat, Hits Microsoft With Complaint Over Internet Explorer Antitrust Violations - hmmm

#RaspberryPi opens its ARM graphics code - excellent#opensource

NASA Achieves Data Goals For Mars Rover With #OpenSource Software - well, they'd be mad to use anything else

Magnus Lindberg - Reverse Chronological Catalogue - musical figure

centre of our galaxy - danger: do not zoom in on this picture unless you are feeling very self-confident (v @stshank)

Tom Watson Links Unnamed Former Prime Minister To Paedophile Ring - whoa, this is getting interesting (v @glynwintle)

Internet freedom advocates, experts, and innovators. ask us anything! - v interesting #reddit #AMA (v @publicknowledge)

US downplayed effect of Deepwater oil spill on whales, emails reveal - more truly shameful stuff from #obama

Commission's Plan for Online Gambling: Risk of Anti-Democratic Censorship, Again - strange answer is always censorship

Open Source ARM userland - more info on the latest#raspberrypi moves

Steam Train Ride To Mark Tube’s 150th Anniversary - larks #london

KFC: still killing rainforests - Kentucky Fried Chicken still a disaster for trees: why not tell #KFC what you think? 

#Mali: no rhythm or reason as militants declare war on music - these people are sick

Results of the EU Public Consultation on a "Code for Effective Open#Voluntarism" - somewhat muted

Economist's Defense Of Perpetual Copyright: It's Best To Just Ignore Economics - so much effort for so much nonsense

Video Games Industry To Join Three-Strikes HADOPI Anti-Piracy Scheme - 'cos it's working so well (not)?

Why Governments Open: Technology and Inclusive Institutions in Developing Countries - interesting analysis #opendata

Wellcome Collection Announces Major Expansion - exciting#london

Dutch treat: Another day, another patent ruling in Apple v. Samsung - apple's legal bullying continues to collapse

#Prize above #patents? - excellent intro to hugely important area for future

Panama president cancels Colon land sale after clashes - of many such retreats in the future

Secrecy ultimately hurts more people when wild speculation fills the void - raises issues we'll be hearing much more of

Empirical Data Suggests That Website #Blocking Is A Useless Weapon Against Infringement - important new research

The future of #OpenAccess - lots of good thoughts from various viewpoints

On Missions and Nearby Stars - starting to think about that voyage to alpha centauri – really

restoration of defocused and blurred images using #opensource - whoa, think of the implications here (v @gnat)

Indian Politician Plans To Install Surveillance Cameras In His Ministers' Homes And Offices - others should try this

Join EFF’s Efforts to Keep #3DPrinting Open - a worthy cause #patents

EU-Kommission distanziert sich von Netzsperren - hmmm, let's hope

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121022 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Those Despicable Foreigners - nice piece on #xenophobiaand #xenophilia

US Immigration agency drops BlackBerry for iPhone - you want straws in the wind...?

BPI Asks UK ISPs To Block More Major Torrent Sites - legitimate uses, & lack of evidence they cause harm

Korean Music Industry Embraces The Future While US Counterparts Fight It - indeed

What is TYLER? Anonymous reveals details of its own 'WikiLeaks' project - will it be trustworthy? will it be used?

LifeSwap Is Airbnb for Careers - interesting variation on a theme

"the existing Internet model works extremely well, has boosted growth & competition & brought prices for data down" -

How Would Twitter Handle A Crackdown On Free Speech In Saudi Arabia? - that's a big, important question 

Thirteen Italians die in bloody start to hunt season - time to ban this absurdity (v @LifeinSicily)#it

Badger cull to be delayed as Tories take another U-turn - right: no scientific justification whatsoever for this

Is #Amazon Playing Fair? - some might say not...#ebooks #vat #tax

help, pl: can anyone suggest #opensource forum sw with chat function? to be used in healthcare.  thanks.

Ugandan Center for Health Human Rights Publishes Guidelines for Changes to Industrial Property Bill - #uganda

Looking For The Next $1 Billion #OpenSource Company - one does

EU & US Negotiators Looking To Hold Blind & Deaf Access Rights Hostage To Get A New ACTA/SOPA - nasty

Patent office tentatively invalidates Apple's rubber-banding patent used in Samsung trial - well, there you go; or not

Open Access: What is it and what does “Open” mean - tough love here... #oa

The Benefits of #OpenData (part II) – Impact on Economic Research - interesting analysis

Getting it Right: - justified high praise #opensource#opendata #ogov

Studie: Open Source in der Schweiz - "Von den 202 untersuchten Unternehmen und Behörden nutzen 93 Prozent bewusst OSS"

Antarctic airstrip melting away - "trends in Antarctic melt were faster than almost any records" (v @RyanHeathEU)

EFF and ERI Fight to Quash Speech-Chilling Subpoenas from #Chevron - standing up to bullying (v @rmack)#ecuador

UNO-Bericht: Der Kampf gegen Terroristen beginnt im Internet, mit Vorratsdatenspeicherung und Identifizierungspflicht -

Anthony May new Interception of Communications Commissioner - but does he have teeth or dentures? (v @julianhuppert)

#Badger cull U-turn: precious time has been wasted on this foolish policy - devastating analysis of UK gov wilfulness

EU-Kommission plant DNS-Sperren gegen Online-Glücksspiel - EU is collapsing & they do this? (v @netzpolitik)

The man without a soul - & the US media without a spine... (v @dangillmor @joanwalsh)

#Italy disaster head Luciano Maiani quits over L'Aquila - can you blame him? (v @julianhuppert @senseaboutsci)#science

Ann Coulter Calls Obama a ‘Retard’ on Twitter - has a witty turn of phrase, that lady...

Trent Reznor Talks To Techdirt About His Unconventional New Record Deal, & Why He Still Loves DIY - lots of good stuff

Why #Mozilla should join the #CryptoParty - good for them, good for us #privacy #security #opensource

Offense 101 - nice idea

Why Hardware Patent Trolls May Be The Next Big Problem - indeed; luckily, the solution is obvious...

Obama's "is is" - fascinating tic #linguistics

Open Source Drug Discovery in Practice: A Case Study - to see people exploring this

Malaria: Das Comeback der Allzweckwaffe - surprising

UK support for US #drones in Pakistan may be war crime, court is told - interesting tack...

DOJ Railroads CIA Torture Whistleblower Into Reduced Guilty Plea - shame on you, obama... #torture

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121021 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

A Mother Tongue and the Daughter Teacher - wonderful story of a young woman's indomitability in the face of oppression

Icelanders back first ‘crowdsourced constitution’ - but will the politicians? #is

Motion on the project for a European Patent Court by Law professors and lawyers - important qs that need answering

Open Interests Hackathon - November 24-25, London, England - datamining #lobbyist info: important

The truth about the John Dalli resignation - wow, is it possible to bungle things worse than this? (v @sinkdeep)

CIA Look to Swamp Correa - fascinating & sadly plausible analysis of what the US are up to with #assange

BBC Newsnight editor steps aside over Jimmy Savile scandal - surely the first of many in this despicable story

Pussy Riot band members sent to remote prison camps - brutal vindictiveness #russia #putin

DARPA Funds a $300 Software-Defined Radio For Hackers - nice bit of #opensource

Crowdfunding: Potential Legal Disaster Waiting To Happen - sure, it will happen; but how often is the key issue

Interview with Beppe #Grillo, Leader of the MoVimento 5 Stelle Political Party - interesting bloke: power to his elbow

Ubuntu Founder Takes Aim at Red Hat - pigeons, meet cat

The inexorable rise of #openaccess scientific publishing -, upbeat post (v @McDawg)#oa

US Steadfast In Its Stand For Publishers Against The Disabled - take a look in the mirror, people... #copyright

The great Open Access swindle - raises important issues#oa

Apple's Licensing Offer To Samsung Raises Questions About #FRAND Rates and What's Behind the Attacks on Google -

Corporate accountability in the food chain – where spin stops and deception begins - technology can help here

Six-Strikes “Independent Expert” Is RIAA’s Former Lobbying Firm - they thought no one would notice...?

Hack4Health: London 2-4 November - gives "hacking cough" a whole new dimension...

#CDB:# Snoopers' charter or improving security - excellent summary of the issues & problems - do read it

£7 million investment by #UK gov to promote innovation in #3Dprinting - sign of the times...

Humble #Ebook Bundle Breaks $1 Million; All The Authors Should Be Best Sellers - the future...

The Unitary Patent Package: Twelve Reasons for Concern, Max-Planck Institute - a version open for comments

US Copyright Office consultation on #hostageworks, AKA #orphanworks - your chance to comment (v @jdblanset @mathewi)

Translation of France's free software policy to be crowd-sourced - all help gratefully received #fr #uk #freesw

Amazon Wipes Customer's Account, Locks All Ebooks, Says 'Find A New Retailer' When She Asks Why - still accept #DRM?

Police Opt Out Of Accountability - what was that old phrase again? nothing to fear, nothing to something...#

Rights? You have no right to your eBooks.- fascinating new details about the norwegian amazon ebook case #drm

Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds' - er, so maybe we could stop abusing them, hm? (v @sinkdeep @subtopes)

Tory culture wars laying waste to countryside - "Regulation is means by which civilised societies resolve conflicts"