Monday, 16 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131214 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Please support nonprofit @MotherJones - I'm impressed with their in-depth reporting, & so have given my widow's mite

 The real #NHS 'crisis' this winter is the constant threat of unrealistic cuts - when will people wake up and fight?

Wie "geistiges Eigentum" und Steueroasen zusammenhängen - fascinating & outrageous (v @dozykraut)

Orangutans fight for survival as thirst for #palmoil devastates rainforests - greed, stupidity & cruelty #depressing

greedy #AU record companies doing their best to destroy the music business, as usual - (v @DrRimmer)#copyright

Police Say Teen Shot Self in Head — While Hands Cuffed Behind Back - sounds legit

Under the Hood of #SteamOS - interesting details of important move #linux

Add animal welfare clauses to the UTZ Certification criteria - overseeing ridiculous fad for "civet coffee"

TTIP: Verkauft nicht unsere Zukunft! - big #de petition against #TAFTA/#TTIP; already has nearly 200K signatures

A partir de janvier 2014, vous devrez déposer un double de vos clés en mairie - it's (v @cybearDJM)

LIBE Committee Inquiry on Electronic Mass #Surveillance of EU Citizens - more good work by @ClaudeMoraesMEP et al.

'#Frack Master: "Every argument that they have, I believe, is manipulated information" - said of environmentalists...

Meanwhile, in Free, Libre, Open Sourced, Shareable #Ecuador - interesting moves there (v @mbauwens)#ec

#EU politicans who got raises worked less; MEPs with pay-cuts worked more - fascinating

#NZ Parliament and people shut out of treaty ratification process - just unacceptable in a democracy #TPP

Torservers awarded $250,000 by Digital Defenders - fab news: "at least 3 Gbit/s of exit traffic" (v @schestowitz)

#TPP ‘trust me’ is not good enough for democracy - *tabled* documents are not secret: release them now

Google will not answer to British court over UK privacy claim - it takes our data, it should also take responsibility

Wegen #NSA-Affäre: Merkel schafft neuen Posten eines Geheimdienst-Staatssekretärs - na, und? #de

Open Hardware Association releases first Writeup about Legal Issues - useful #openhardware

Users' Rights Over All? - "#copyright of the future is going to come from #Africa, not from Western ideologists"

ICSID & LatAm: Criticism, withdrawal and the search for alternatives - this, not #TPP or #TAFTA/#TTIP, is future

Bachelet poised for return to Chilean presidency - important: she wants review of #TPP terms -

How the #Bitcoin protocol actually works - clear & detailed

Bunnie Huang explains the nuts-and-bolts of getting stuff made in #Shenzhen - illuminating & fun

"it’s common knowledge that the LDP pushed the #secrecy bill at the urging of the U.S" - (v @Morality124)#TPP

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