Friday, 20 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131218 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#EU Claims 'Nothing Secret' About #TAFTA/#TTIP, Tries To Defend Corporate Sovereignty - #desperate /cc @GeorgeMonbiot

Porn filters block sex education websites - gosh, no one saw that coming... #UK

.@timberners_lee leads call for more transparency over mass surveillance - "condemns the hypocrisy" #nsa #gchq

Half million Germans refuse #TAFTA/#TTIP - & that's just in 5 days; another #ACTA revolt is building, led by Germany

US Trade unions express ‘grave concerns’ over EU-US trade agreement - as they should #TAFTA/#TTIP

heart-warming tale about a guide dog – video - wonderful

UK minister comments on 3rd round #TAFTA/#TTIP - £100 billion GDP figure quoted is 2027, needs huge #deregulation

Two #Pharma Companies Fined Over 'Pay For Delay'; Novartis Unrepentant About Suffering Caused -

Government under fire for rejecting European Union food bank funding - callous & idiotic (v @kategilson @marcuschown)

Obama administration sued over its secretive trade negotiations - yay, go @ipwatch #TPP

Net Neutrality's Fate in Europe in the Hands of a Few MEPs? - #EU

Global Congress Declaration on Fundamental Public Interest Principles 4 Int'l "IP" Negotiations - sign by Friday, pl.

How #patent rules could keep new hepatitis C drug from saving 'millions of lives' - you know: profits before people

TTIP: Verkauft nicht unsere Zukunft! - big #de petition against #TAFTA/#TTIP; already has nearly 300K signatures

#GnuPG: new website and infrastructure - post #snowden, not even more important; needs our help #crypto

CIA Listening Through Mongo DB? Er…Not So Fast! – #opensource is as safe as it gets in an unsafe world (v @mjasay)

U.S. Continues to Threaten Affordable Drug Lifeline for Millions - #TPP could lead to many people dying

Paleobiology Database now CC BY - that's good #science

The Next Page - further interesting developments for #cyanogenmod

The Porn Block Fiasco goes mainstream - one day they might listen to the experts before doing stupid stuff... #UK

OKFN’s #OpenScience Working group is Global! - as it must be...

Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab - impressive #energy

Congress Can And Should Protect Ed #Snowden And Thank Him For Revealing Government Overreach - too right

Support OpenBCI: the Open Source Brain-Computer Interface For Makers - intriguing #arduino

Datenschutz und NSA-Affäre: EU will Obama nicht mit harten Forderungen nerven - spineless waste of space

US Sailors: Response to Fukushima Emergency Resulted in Cancer - could 51 sailors have cancer from this?

European Commission Admits It Plans To Put 'Corporate Christmas List' Of IP Demands Into #TAFTA/#TTIP - #ACTA's back

the chilling effects #TTIP will likely have on laws to better protect people & the environment from toxic chemicals -

The truth about the EU’s proposal on regulatory coherence - "would have a chilling effect" #TAFTA/#TTIP

Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing - interesting move #openaccess

Bloomberg News Pays Reporters More If They Move Markets - what could possibly go wrong? (er, quite a lot)

IBM Files Patent to Track Value of Digital Currencies - must be serious if the corps are moving in  (v @dozykraut)

#NSA’s broken Dual_EC random number generator has a “fatal bug” in OpenSSL - amazing where these problems arise...

Data Broker Was Selling Lists Of Rape Victims, Alcoholics, and 'Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers' - #privacy

Early ratification of EU-S’pore FTA may not be possible, say analysts - NB: #ISDS was v recent addition

’Free trade’ and the death of democracy - "something like an international coup d’etat" #TAFTA/#TTIP #TPP

#UNESCO launches Open Access Repository under Creative Commons - it's a start #CC

New Study: 97% of All Chicken Breasts Contain Harmful Bacteria - even organic ones: something's wrong #foodsafety

EU & US both threatened by secret trade talks - "little to do with free trade, everything to do with corporate power"

Gluglug X60 Laptop now certified to Respect Your Freedom - "yes, mine's a gluglug..." worth buying for the name alone

UN adopts resolution in favor of digital #privacy - nice to have, but anything more...?

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