Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131201 - http://bit.ly/1hspK28 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#cameron: "I will champion an EU-China trade deal with as much determination as EU-U.S. trade deal" - http://reut.rs/1jaBply (v @NoDPIsigma)

#OpenScience: Tools, Approaches, and Implications - http://bit.ly/1bCVe3y "Openness is arguably great strength of the scientific method"

From Turing to #Snowden: how US-UK pact forged modern surveillance - http://bit.ly/IzWreM interesting historical context

What now for the #surveillance state? - http://bit.ly/1eOkulY @arusbridger meditates on a theme

Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens - http://bit.ly/18U1Qbh another agency gone rogue #snowden

The war on democracy - http://bit.ly/18U2eqf http://bit.ly/18U2eqf outrageous (v @juhavantzelfde @kaatje36)

No 10 protests as British journalist is barred from Chinese press conference - http://bit.ly/18UwuBw what a perfect start #china

How Antivirus Companies Handle State-Sponsored Malware - http://bit.ly/19d1kl8 v interesting question from @Bruce_Schneier

EU gradually turning green in food security debate - http://bit.ly/1barHvk hurry up, then

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - http://bit.ly/1868cGa my consolidated posts on #TAFTA/#TTIP & another big one on its way...

#TTIP Update VII - http://bit.ly/18hw98g EU's own figures destroy the "argument" for giving #US corps rights to sue EU nations #ISDS

Indistinguishable from Magic: A Wizard’s Guide to Copyright and #3DPrinting - http://bit.ly/1gyzd5l sounds intriguing

German Court Tells Wikimedia Foundation That It's Liable For Things Users Write - http://bit.ly/18bqwvl not good

#Fairuse, Georgia State, & world. - http://bit.ly/1eI8emz "realizing that fair use is absolutely essential for a copyright in digital age"

Lobbyist Insists His Meeting About 'TPP IP Issues' Wasn't About #TPP IP Issues - http://bit.ly/IANz8Y riiight

Scientist-developed malware covertly jumps air gaps using inaudible sound - http://bit.ly/18ytkW2 what will they think of next...?

#Snowden revelations prompt UN investigation into surveillance - http://bit.ly/IASNSb good news #nsa #gchq

Without Anyone Paying Attention, Canada Is About To Change Its Laws To Support ACTA - http://bit.ly/1dLUD19 come on Canadians, do something

This transatlantic trade deal will put the lawyers in charge - http://bit.ly/19dAPvW clear exposition of #TAFTA/#TTIP's dangers

#NSA talking points for family & friends [pdf] - http://bit.ly/1bdJ8I3 hilarious & desperate (v @headhntr @csoghoian)

#canada: Stand up 4 affordable medicine - http://bit.ly/1bEr9Az "Bullies count on secrecy & apathy to get away with it" #TPP (v @DrRimmer)

US’s Proposed #TPP Transition Period for Middle-Income Parties is Fools Gold - http://bit.ly/1eQikSU great post about US trickery

US Hypocrisy: Pushing For Maximum Damages For Infringement, While Settling Its Own Piracy Bill For Less - http://bit.ly/186yxUq surprise...

It's outrageous to accuse the Guardian of aiding terrorism by publishing #Snowden's revelations - http://bit.ly/1ba66Ea too right

#DE court rules Wikimedia Foundation need not proactively check for illegal or inaccurate content - http://bit.ly/1aruk8A oh, really?

#TPP draft reveals surgical strike on public health - http://bit.ly/1k3mgA8 more of an amputation, I think...

given the political games the energy industry currently playing, clearly time to de-politicise them by re-nationalising them... #UK

Hollywood Asks Obama To Help Improve Relations With Silicon Valley While Pressing TPP That Will Harm Silicon Valley - http://bit.ly/1hu94rb

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