Sunday, 1 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131129 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Dutch intelligence agency AIVD hacks internet fora - "has crossed the boundaries of Dutch legislation" (v @kaatje36)

#MPAA Banned From Using #Piracy and #Theft Terms in Hotfile Trial - words matter

Bericht der EU-US Ad-Hoc-Arbeitsgruppe zum Überwachungsskandal - #nsa #gchq

Dad arrested after trying to pick kids up from school on foot instead of in a car - well, of course (v @dangillmor)

An analysis of smoking prevalence in #Australia: plain packs don't work? - "commissioned by Philip Morris"; oh...

The real cultists are not Maoists, they're #CEOs - now remember what #TAFTA/#TTIP aims to do to EU... #ISDS

Drug study secrecy puts lives at risk - detailed, excellent (v @ElsTorreele @DaHammerstein)#opendata #clinicaltrials

#May under fire for bid to fly out hunger striker Ifa Muaza - "cost the Home Office £95,000- £110,000" #resign

What Piracy? Removing #DRM Boosts Music Sales by 10 Percent - naturally: DRM makes music less valuable than free

Off Siberia’s Arctic coast, the seafloor belches methane - & more than we thought - not good...

Dangerous Man - long, fantastic interview with @DanielEllsberg about himself & other heroes (v @Thomas_Drake1)

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