Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131208 - http://bit.ly/1ck70L6 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NSA surveillance: tech companies demand sweeping changes to US laws - http://bit.ly/1e0eIks so big even @BBCNews had to mention this...

Global Government Surveillance Reform - http://bit.ly/1d4sptv open letter and principles of reform #NSA #GCHQ

Eight tech giants have sided with citizens over spies, but it's not enough - http://bit.ly/1brqEah "note who is missing from the list" #nsa

Obama Faces Backlash Over New Corporate Powers In Secret Trade Deal - http://huff.to/ILxmxQ important new #TPP leaks

#TPP: New Huffington Post leaks expose major divisions - http://bit.ly/19bmlk3 "US out on a limb on many crucial issues"

Abbott Government blocks #TPP transparency showing contempt for Senate and Australian people - http://bit.ly/IWDyU7 and how

Crunch decisions on medicines in #TPP today or tomorrow  - http://bit.ly/1iOR8sU stay strong, people...

2nd release of secret #TPP documents - http://bit.ly/IAvUil the fact it was leaked also shows unhappiness among those being bullied by US

Why USTR should not put MPAA and PhRMA ahead of other industries (and consumers), in #TPP - http://huff.to/1e0u9sQ great piece (v @MsLods)

.@EU_Commission Desperately Tries To Justify Inclusion Of Corporate Sovereignty In #TAFTA/#TTIP; Fails Dismally - http://bit.ly/1kmb2qx

Tobacco sector blamed for swamping warning campaign in paperwork - http://bit.ly/1bRszrx 'cos they know plainpacks work (v @TransformDrugs)

Time for Commissioner Šefčovič to get tough on secretive #lobbying lawyers - http://bit.ly/1ks107o this must be done now #TAFTA/#TTIP

#TPP nations & US divided over IP chapter - http://zd.net/19vx4ST US completely isolated, expects everyone else to bend over (v @DrRimmer)

Vigilância governamental: empresas pedem reforma na legislação dos EUA - http://bit.ly/1jDfOm5 US companies call 4 surveillance reform #br

Of principles and plain packaging: is infant formula different from tobacco? - http://bit.ly/1jDihNn wasn't aware of this; interesting

2nd Wikileaks release: US refusing to budge on TPP issues - http://bit.ly/1brLtTh #TPP is trade imposition, not trade negotiation

South Korean Spy Agency Allegedly Tried To Influence Presidential Vote - By Posting 1.2 Million Tweets - http://bit.ly/1iPcYwk #twitter #kr

Revealed: spy agencies' covert push to infiltrate virtual world of online games - http://bit.ly/1bwdjyB beware angry gamers, #NSA, #GCHQ

India-EU free trade pact not likely in 3-4 years: Think tank - http://bit.ly/1aO5m3r that long?

Open Data Empowers Us to Answer Questions that Matter - http://bit.ly/18OSq3d "We need to create a culture of “#opendata makers"

UK Police: Domain & Advert Suspensions For Dozens of Pirate Sites - http://bit.ly/1e0JOIF who needs courts anymore?

"I will be avoiding Elsevier both for publication and peer review" - http://bit.ly/1gjuWW3 (v @Stephen_Curry)#openaccess

Zu Guttenbergs magere Bilanz als EU-Internetberater - http://bit.ly/18wqefu this man is a joke

#Japan's whaling fleet en route to Southern Ocean for 'scientific' hunts - http://bit.ly/IAXJqw selfish & shameful #commons

Leaks: #TPP talks to fail unless nations yield to US pressure - http://bit.ly/IB0ZlQ #ISDS main sticking point

important: person who will probably be #Chile's next president says #TPP must be revised to protect its interests - http://bit.ly/1hIdDhM

Why #Elsevier is completely in the right… and totally wrong - http://bit.ly/1ksFnnz + best summary of #berlin11 too #openaccess

Detengan las negociaciones del #TPP y abran el acuerdo al debate público - http://chn.ge/18P6MAC Firme esta petición..

EU lobby register working group to finalise reform package this week; ALTER-EU sets out key elements 4 credibility - http://bit.ly/1aOonmk

Sign our petition asking the UK government to stop secret corporate #lobbying - http://bit.ly/IB4Rn4 important

EU to #Nokia: Don't be a 'patent troll' - http://cnet.co/1jE63UP good to hear #patents

Late sixties "Internet" brand transistor radio - http://bit.ly/IBa8ej intriguing...

The U.S. Stands Alone: How the U.S. Is Increasingly Isolated on Intellectual Property Policy - http://bit.ly/IBavFy good summary #TPP leak

Webinar: The promises and perils of proposed US-EU trade deal for food and agriculture - http://bit.ly/1hItxsj next Monday #TAFTA/#TTIP

UK Students Facing Violence, Intimidation & Arrest for Opposing Privatisation of Universities - http://bit.ly/18Pkqna attack on the future

.@ggreenwald : What I've Learned - http://bit.ly/1cwwyrS worth reading (v @jackschofield)#snowden #nsa

#NZ committed to #TPP - English - http://bit.ly/1gTMndl sounds like this is all about politicians' ego, not public welfare...

29 Organizations and More than 70 Individuals Sign Letter Opposing Life Plus Seventy #Copyright Term in #TPP - http://bit.ly/1gkvomV

#Japan wants Webcasting back into Casting Treaty: What happened to Broadcasting in the "Traditional" Sense? - http://bit.ly/1gTMRQu insane

Access by poor to key drugs at stake in #TPP talks - http://bit.ly/1e1JZDx but not according to all the friends of corporations taking part

Make Art Not Law - http://bit.ly/19ddjmG nicely done #copyright

Cheap chicken: tests for horse, pig and cow protein will take until March - http://bit.ly/1hJ0uVH we need stronger regs, not weaker #TTIP

Support for #TPP Questioned by Regional Councillors - http://bit.ly/19deZfN because local SMEs will be crushed by it...

Latest #TPP Leaks Reveal That US Is Isolated In Its Desire To Push Through Corporate Exceptionalism - http://bit.ly/1gkAijE

Kansas City Cops Tell Man They'll Kill His Dogs And Destroy His Home If Forced To Obtain A Search Warrant - http://bit.ly/IMDWUJ sickening

Simple guide to the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP) benefits - http://bit.ly/1cx6HQP hint: the public unlikely to see any #ISDS

Der Aufruf der Schriftsteller - http://bit.ly/18xx5sl this is impressive: 500 authors against #surveillance, many big names... #nsa #gchq

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