Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131202 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

High Stakes for Public Health in #TPP Talks - "cost of medicines 4 ordinary Australians would increase significantly"

How the EU is making NHS privatisation permanent - how #TAFTA/#TTIP will lock-in destruction of #NHS

Dr Deborah Gleeson describes her struggle to put health issues on the agenda of #TPP - #australia

#TPP and the Promised Land – A Critique of the Fran O’Sullivan Doctrine - #newzealand

The secret trade agreement about to complete the corporate takeover of democracy - rightly links #TPP & #TAFTA/#TTIP

An open letter from Carl Bernstein to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger - great piece about UK government bullying

#TAFTA/#TTIP: What Price #Transparency? - buying influence

Patenting University Research Has Been A Dismal Failure, Enabling Patent Trolling. Time To Stop - #bayhdole must die

#Italy Attempting To Have #Copyright Enforced By Regulators, Not Courts - dai, smettila...

How does the #NSA break SSL? - excellent, detailed analysis (v @mpesce)#crypto

Clinical Trials: MRC Response to be published - coming this thursday... #uk

.@timberners_lee: Spies' cracking of encryption undermines the web - "I think that's appalling" #nsa #gchq

Leading U.S. news media call on U.K. Parliament to reaffirm commitment to a free press on eve of Guardian hearing -

#Guantánamo Bay detainees claim #Poland allowed CIA #torture - important case

Lawyer For Cop Charged In Beating Death Of Homeless Man Claims Officer Didn't Use ENOUGH Force - sick

Early day motion 793 on #TAFTA/TTIP & #ISDS - @CarolineLucas gets it: does your MP? (v @GateCharles @corporateeurope)

NGOs fear #TAFTA/#TTIP clauses will affect EU chemicals regulation - quite right: this is an explicit US target

"#NAFTA claims could cost Canadian taxpayers more than $2.5-billion." - "Canada that is the top target of #ISDS"

Farming boss: #TAFTA/#TTIP must not rock the boat - unusual perspective

The American lawyer seeking human rights for chimpanzees - the next Great Emancipation #apes

European Commission nominates food lobbyist to EU food safety agency's management board - again - shameless

Joint Statement of Mexican Senator Iris Vianey Mendoza and Civil Society Organizations on #TPP - well said #mx

#RMS: "A truly anonymous online currency is needed" - he's right, of course - again... #bitcoin

41 Scientists Warn Obama Admin Against Burning Trees To Produce Electricity - bonkers

The only way is Office: UK Parliament to migrate to #Microsoft cloud - the people behind this are utter idiots #nsa

Anti-Terror-Debatte: Die drei Tricks der Überwachungslobby - yup

Anti-Net Neutrality Advocates Back To Making Bogus Arguments - good analysis #netneutrality

#TPP: Senator Hatch to USTR, 12 years of IPR for Biologics test data - locking up knowledge, killing the poor

UK Parliament Makes A Mockery Of Itself Interrogating Guardian Editor - how ridiculous does Cameron want to look?

half a revolution - my presentation for #berlin11 #openaccess conference; freely downloadable/embeddable #opendata

The segregation of women and the appeasement of bigotry - er, what century is this, please? (v @raycorrigan)

Announcing Sunlight’s international #lobbying #disclosure guidelines - great move

MPs ask MI5 boss to justify claim that #NSA leaks endangered national security - things finally moving in UK?

The DJ Earworm #Mashup You Wait for Every Year Has Arrived - just brilliant

An Important Week To Speak Up To Protect #Innovation And #Privacy - @mmasnick knows whereof he speaks...

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