Sunday, 22 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131220 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Italy's Communications Watchdog Assigns Itself Extrajudicial Powers To Order ISPs To Stop #Copyright Infringement -

.@ATT &T Finally Caves; Agrees To Issue A Transparency Report - but with ill grace, & unconvincingly

Watching streaming porn is not illegal, German court says as it changes its mind - things getting v interesting...

UK's New Mandatory Porn Filter Already Defeated By A Single Chrome Extension - of course #censorship

.@Elsevier Ramps Up Its War On Access To Knowledge - at least we know whose side they are on... #openaccess

Obama concedes #NSA bulk collection of phone data may be unnecessary - meanwhile, in UK..</silence> #gchq

Oil industry 'devastating' for Amazon communities, warns UN rapporteur - time to make dirty oil pay

$10m NSA contract led 2 encryption 'back door' - why would anyone ever trust @RSAsecurity or @EMCcorp products again?

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Says It’s Unconstitutional For Gas Companies to Frack Wherever They Want - #fracking

.@Bruce_Schneier: Yes, I'm Leaving BT - "contrary to rumors, this has nothing to do with the #NSA or #GCHQ"

The #Matrix ASCII: Oldest Torrent Alive Turns 10 Years Old - intriguing

#Brazil salutes Chico Mendes 25 years after his murder - let's hope his death won't be in vain: protect the #Amazon

When asked, vast majority of businesses say IP is not important - good find by @gabrieljmichael: debunks other claims

Is “Bribery” a Demand, or a Polite Request? - when #NSA chooses its words carefully, you know it's basically lying...

US DoD's #publicdomain archive to be privatized, locked up for ten years - not exactly copyright theft, but theft

The phenomenal northern lights – in pictures - just wow

Snowden ally Appelbaum claims his Berlin apartment was invaded - US adopting Stasi tactics, it seems (v @marthagroup)

#Obama and #ClimateChange: The Real Story - to think I once believed this man had intelligence; shame on me...

Charities condemn Iain Duncan Smith 4 food bank snub - does he think children going hungry are "scaremongering" too?

U.S. Releases More Evidence of Megaupload’s ‘Mass Infringing Use’ - so, how much of this was obtained by #NSA spying?

Germany should ban U.S. contracting companies passing data to NSA - could be interesting (v @JanAlbrecht @PaulNemitz)

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