Friday, 13 December 2013


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131211 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP: "way of subordinating sovereign parliaments & domestic law beneath the rule of unaccountable corporations" -

Action Alert: Korea deal allows corporations to sue - Email #AU Cabinet ministers before it is signed - #TPP #ISDS

#AU Senate motion on protecting public health and PBS from trade agreements - #TPP and #KAFTA specifically

Update from the latest Trans Pacific Partnership meeting - sorry tale of bullying and pusillanimity #TPP

Pope Francis is a whistleblower for the poor. Thank you Time for recognising it - interesting points (v @raycorrigan)

Backpacker stripped of tech gear at Auckland Airport - the new police state spreads to #NZ (v @AlecMuffett)

sad how hard some people try to stop others being happy: & #india #australia

#malaysia Government accused of backtracking on trade talks - I do hope not... #TPP

Legal Challenges To Spying Mount In UK - the fightback begins... #GCHQ #NSA

Call for UK food crime unit to tackle 'endemic' illegal activity - we need this urgently, not copyright cops...

#Japan condemned for 'secret' executions - hurtling into the middle ages...

#Opensource advancing at Dutch defence ministry - another big win for #libreoffice, #firefox, #ubuntu #nl

Gender segregation not 'alien to our culture', says Universities UK chief - witless analogies; she should resign

The #BBC must declare the interests of its contributors, or lose our trust - pretty much shot to pieces already

#Linux's New Game: the Internet of Things - what do you do when you already dominate much of computing? #steamos #IoT

#Snowden: MEPs vote to invite ex-NSA contractor to testify - goo to see pathetic, craven objections were ignored #EU

"Wyden said that the continued leaks from #Snowden help build momentum for changing the law" - long, great piece #nsa

EU faces double whammy with investor-to-state dispute settlement - great analysis of v important issue #TAFTA/#TTIP

Browser-Erweiterungen: #Google verbannt Torrent-Apps aus Chrome Web Store - pathetic: it's a technology #evilgoogle

Google’s Road Map to Global Domination - wrong: #OpenStreetMap will own maps just as #Linux owns operating systems

The Public Domain “Class of 2014″ - ridiculous we have to wait this long #pd

Finnish antismoking ad - your choice, of course... #tobacco

Israel: Schwarze Abgeordnete darf kein Blut spenden - lovely

#Lobbying #Transparency via Right to Information Laws - "recommendations on info which govs should make available"

Unease among Brazil's farmers as Congress votes on #GM #terminator seeds - incredibly disappointing move from #brazil

Horsemeat review: not just rogues, UK has serious mainstream food crime - sounds like a commendably thorough report

Read This If You Want To Understand Just How Far The #NSA Has Gone, And The Political Mess Behind It - agreed

Harper government wants lifetime gag agreements from Canadian parliamentary staffers - frightened of #whistleblowers?

EU, U.S. Officials Indicate Potential #Privacy Agreement at Data Protection Congress - EU selling us down the river?

"Every transmission of personally-identifiable information must be #encrypted" - good post on problems we must solve

Alexander: Can't Think Of Any Other Way To Keep US Safe Than Bulk Metadata Collections - clearly not up to the job

#Openaccess mandate from EU - seems overly-obsessed with "protecting" results, not sharing them: misguided

#TPP: Australia 'fails' anti-tobacco bid - Australia as a "constant stumbling block" (v @DrRimmer)#ISDS

Inofficial web form for the Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules - brilliant idea (v @teirdes)

Data Retention Directive Incompatible With Fundamental Rights According To EU Court Of Justice's Advocate General -

Proposed US Ambassador to #Canada Pledges More Pressure on Intellectual Property - you have to stand up to bullies

’AGCOM sequestra il web. Pubblicato il regolamento sul diritto d’autore, senza modifiche - a farce & disaster

Content Mining starts today! - great news: good luck @petermurrayrust

Endocrine disruptors: Harmful or not? - excellent summary; shows why #REACH must be protected during #TAFTA/#TTIP

#NHS campaigners' bid for #1 Christmas song - nice: not even the #BBC could ignore that...

An Open Source, $2000, metal 3-D printer - technology is moving fast #3dprinting

Remember Aaron Swartz in January & join New Hampshire walk - @petermurrayrust:"Is anything planned in UK/Europe?"

Paul Krugman and #TPP - good rebuttal

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