Saturday, 27 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130425 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] The return of #ACTA: US dictating Canada’s intellectual property laws - sounds plausible #TPP #CETA

Stand up for #WestPapua - "#Indonesia has been getting away with human rights abuses" (v @suigenerisjen)

The Great Pill Push - Bad #Pharma down-under (v @DrRimmer)

The Value of #OpenData – Don’t Measure Growth, Measure Destruction - great analysis: spot on

Obama campaign launches plan to shame climate sceptics in Congress - time to make them face the facts

Police Arrests CEO of #China’s No.1 Pirate Site - more signs of a move to respectability? (v @gadyepstein)

#TAFTA/#TTIP Trade pact with E.U. may not be best - good analysis #IPout #opendrafts

James Hansen: The One Thing We Should Be Doing to Prevent Catastrophic #ClimateChange - externalities are key

6 New Ways Big Pharma Is Scheming to Make Billions at the Expense of Your Health –

In “Great Shame,” WIPO Fund For Indigenous Peoples’ Participation Running Dry - #WIPO losing even more credibility

China moves to source GM-free soya supplies: why will UK supermarkets not do same in Britain? - fake reasons

European Parliament Trade Committee Backs Cultural Exclusion From EU-US FTA - bad news that Moreira is rapporteur

#OpenChemistry project upholds mission of unorganization, The Blue Obelisk - great stuff

After Muzzling Librarians And Scientists, Now Canada Starts Making It Difficult For Citizens To Express Their Views –

EP trade committee rejects meaningful #TTIP amendments - not good: have we got to go through #ACTA again?

You Got To Fight For Your Right....To Privacy - good explanation of how EU Data Protection is being subverted

Wikipedia is now drawing facts from the Wikidata repository, and so can you - important shift

Why I'm stepping down as a GP over #NHS 'reforms' - because tories have destroyed doctor-patient trust

#WTO set for Latin American boss, Brazil and Mexico vie for job - let's hope it's Brazil...

#OpenData for African platform to Boost Access to African Stats - good to see (v @rassina)#africa

"File sharing" in area of seeds will become a criminal act - empowering #monsanto, & reducing diversity, is madness

evidence to the Science and Tech Select Committee inquiry on missing trial data - good stuff from @bengoldacre

40.000 equipos informáticos públicos migrarán a sistemas de software libre en 2013 - great news from #spain (v @Sjig)

Why students need the right to copy - great piece about what's happening in #india #copyright (v @petersuber)

US Demands #Transparency Everywhere -- But Only From Everyone Else - gosh, strange that

Nueva amenaza para la libertad en internet - the threats from #TPP (v @carobotero)

Campaign for a progressive copyright law in #Uzbekistan - great to see

U.S. Ambassador To Australia Takes On #1 Issue Of The Day: Game Of Thrones Piracy - says all that needs to be said

Five reasons Canada should NOT ratify a Canada-EU free trade agreement - "about making dubious policy reforms"

Bangladesh building collapse: This is what race-to-the-bottom global trade looks like - remember: #TAFTA/#TTIP #TPP

US Chamber of Comm. fights 4 right of oil, gas & mining corporations to keep payments to foreign governments secret –

Join the Wikipedia Language Mavens! - "seek advice, guidance and validation on language features"

#INDECT : Big Brother en Europe ? - they say no...but Mandy Rice-Davies applies... (v @manhack)

US schools weigh bulletproof uniforms - because guns really aren't a problem, are they?

How to vilify a movement - fascinating analysis of the rhetoric & tropes being used against environmentalists

this is why we must have strong data protection in #EU - once our data is sold, there's no getting it back

EU plant Vorratsdatenspeicherung 2.0 - thinks there just isn't enough surveillance going on in Europe...

Russia Plans to Fight Drugs at Home with Jobs in Central Asia - good to see some new thinking

pic of the week: Silver river - lovely: just what we need on a Friday evening... #london

banks implicated in $500 trillion fraud: biggest price-rigging scandal in history - greed in its purest form

Celebrate The Right To Share On 'World Intellectual Property Day' - great work by @article19org

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction - old but fabulous tale (v @xpectro)

Strongest Evidence of Animal Culture Seen in Monkeys and Whales - so can we stop feeling special now, please?

Hurray! We are not headed for a disaster of biblical proportions - we just have to kick the carbon habit

Fair use decision: remixing is legal even when there is no intent 2 comment or parody original work - looks important

McAfee Patents System To 'Detect And Prevent Illegal Consumption Of Content On The Internet' - yeah, that'll work

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