Thursday, 25 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130423 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Double Blow Against Freedom Of Speech For #Twitter Users In #Turkey - not good

British culture should be seen as commodity, says Maria Miller - well, course, everything's a commodity, no? #nhs

Against freedom - India's decision 2 partner with #microsoft will cost it dear through future lock-in (v @koolhead17)

El negocio farmacéutico tampoco es transparente - why we must have clinical trials as #opendata (v @DaHammerstein)

How Ministry of Justice’s proposal for the tendering of criminal legal aid is misconceived & illiberal - dogma-led

Supreme Court justices tackle Texas-Oklahoma #water fight - this will become common

Adopt an MP (in #newzealand) to educate them about #TPP - "to tackle their local MP on the subject of the TPP"

U.S. sues Novartis over alleged fraudulent kickbacks - oh look, more Bad Pharma....

Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? a Tool to Help You Find Out - churnalism in US (v @newsbrooke)

Public Domain Human Genome Project Generated More Research And More Commercial Activity Than Proprietary Competitor –

Richtlinie über Fluggast-Daten: EU-Innenausschuss stimmt gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung von Reisenden - great news #EU

A&E patients 'being left on trolleys in corridors' - #NHS privatisation will make this far worse... #UK

A reference article for the Communications Data bill - people waking up to the dangers (v @julianhuppert)#snoopers

E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Works With Chinese Government to Bring Down Piracy in China - seeking respectability? #china

Will the EU Parliament Let #TAFTA Turn Into Another #ACTA? - big vote tomorrow - pl. contact your MEPs

No EU PNR before Data Protection Rules are firmly in place - good news, but maybe not definitive (v @kaatje36)

Abgeordnete begraben EU-Fluggastdatensystem - well, let's hope so... #privacy #surveillance

Why is Reuters puzzled by global warming's acceleration? - one of the clearest explanations of today's #climatechange

Putting the evidence back into evidence based medicine - #ESHLSG behaving badly #alltrials (v @bengoldacre)

UK may withdraw from European rights convention over Abu Qatada - "temporary withdrawal": how pathetic is that?

Urgent: Please Write to Your MPs About Snooper's Charter - let's add to the pressure building to kill it #uk

Hack the Police! - original sense of "hack": "Bring your unique talents to the fight against crime!" #opendata

Internet on TV, TV on Internet: EU seeks views on rapidly converging audiovisual world - don't turn the Net into TV

Deborah Blum on science writing: I'm a neurotic over-researcher - interesting points (v @Stephen_Curry)

Spain's #opensource centre publishes model for desktop cost savings - handy

Building foundation for an Open Data Directory - "central entry point to #OpenData related resources"; comments pl.

Civil society participation in drafting the UK National Action Plan – has it been worth it? - you be the judge

#Openaccess science news is mostly good, with a bit of ugly - handy summary of what's been happening

yeah! Let's flood our public spaces with lots of "clean", porn-free WiFi - stupid, unworkable idea, ably debunked

Gletscherschmelze: Alpen werden zur Seenlandschaft - well, obvs

Finding Proxima Centauri - nice tale

Bureau Of Economic Analysis Shows Why #Copyright Terms Should Be Greatly Diminished - fascinating analysis

Libel Reform – smells like victory - nice summary. kudos to everyone that made this happen #UK

Facebook, Microsoft and BCS back government funding for UK computer science teaching - ORLY? (v Paolo Vecchi)

Free education on a hard drive to boost #Kenya in a tech-driven world - great idea, showing power of #openness

SAP Africa Workforce to Double as Oil-Rich States Courted - only 2 fight neocolonialism & corruption, no? (v @mjasay)

When Corruption Fails: Hollywood Has 'Turned Off The Critical Thinking Functions Of Many Democrats' - sickening

Milestone Supreme Court Decision for #WikiLeaks Case in Iceland - #VISA blockade slapped down - quite right, too

#Google: That #Mozilla Penalty Only Impacted One Page Out Of 22 Million - #spam (v @stshank)

"Foreign citizens visiting #Israel may be asked 2 open their email accounts for airport security" - (v @jilliancyork)

Urgent: Please Write to MEPs Now about #TAFTA/#TTIP - important vote tomorrow: here's what we need #opendrafts #EU

Fake bomb detectors and the latest casualties of corruption - lack of #transparency costs money & lives

Brussels ready to make concessions to untangle EU-India trade pact - panicking much?

Frictionless Data: making it radically easier to get stuff done - "radical improvements in “logistics” of data"

Illegal procurement favouring #Microsoft in Portugal killed in the courts - fab news (v @RuiSeabra)

Schweiz: Petition “Nein zum Überwachungsstaat!” - yay, #switzerland

Net freedom organizations urges #W3C to reject Encrypted Media Extensions, a proposal to build #DRM into the Web –

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