Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130422 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Leave the ocean garbage alone: we need to stop polluting first - surprising but cogent analysis (v @joorb)

Open Letter to ISPs - hey, how about standing up for your customers over Snooper's Charter? #ccdp

Deutsche Telekom etabliert 2-Klassen-Netz mit Datenschnellspur - not good #netneutrality

EU puts fast-track IPR enforcement on map - without giving public a chance to offer its views #copyright #shameful

#NHS: Section 75 of the health act is an engine for destruction - this is utter insanity: why aren't people angry?

#Wikipedia Adopts MariaDB - really big win here #opensource

Australian Census Data Released Under #CC License, But Official Site Tries To Make It Hard To Download - so pointless

The Fiat Emperor Has No Clothes - provocative stuff #money

French EU elite abandons ‘defensive’ stance on language - we need french as counterpoise to english

'Pay For Delay' Drug Deals Under Scrutiny In US, EU And UK - really important development #patents #pharma

US makes first public comment over draft EU data #privacy law - but #CISPA will make "safe harbour" utterly worthless

Catalan Wikipedia hits the 400,000 articles milestone during 35-hour edit-a-thon - impressive; other should do

#OpenAccess in #Poland: Interview with Bożena Bednarek-Michalska - useful

#Nestlé: Stop trying to #patent the fennel flower - unbelievalbe; please sign epetition to stop this

Engineers Call for 'Repairable' Cellphones to Save Money, Environment - seems obvious thing to do

The Biotech Industry Has Trotted Out a Flimsy Lie to Avoid Labeling the Food We Buy as Genetically Modified - again

UK abattoir linked to Dutch distributor investigated over horsemeat scandal - supply chain info must be #opendata

NHS 'culture of fear' stops nurses raising patient safety concerns - will get worse with privatised NHS = more deaths

Legal fee rises will stem 'soaring' judicial review cases, says MoJ - more suppression of dissent #uk

Massive personal data breach by police to G4S - will be common if #ccdp comes in: once data exists, it will be abused

Is #Africa About to Lose Right to Her Seed? - it's neocolonialism: learn from #argentina's mistakes (v @JulieOwono)

Dumped! by #Google - a cautionary tale

MPAA members join book publishers to weaken a treaty for the #blind - EU and US now spitting on deaf, too

EU will Anbau von Obst & Gemüse in Gärten regulieren - insane: we need more seed diveristy, not less (v @kaatje36)

The #Copyright Lobotomy: How Intellectual Property Makes Us Pretend To Be Stupid - interesting & original analysis

The Next Steven Spielberg Uses A Smartphone - & won't be from the US....

iOS developers abandoning sinking Apple mothership: biggest drop ever - whoa, losing devs is the worst sign (v @sjvn)

"No single language, then; at any rate not in anatomically modern humans. We have always been multilingual." - fab

BitTorrent opens up its Dropbox competitor to the public - choice is good

Tell Members of Congress to Protect Access to Lifesaving Medicines - USians, this ones for you #TPP

Article 19 Event: What’s Wrong with #Copyright? - promises to be a long evening... #london

The Snoopers’ Charter – what’s happening? - not just stupid & ineffectual, but anti-democratic to boot... #ccdp

Hosting Companies Shouldn't Be Parasites - do we need a new free email client? #opensource

Home Office - Give us a say on the snoopers charter! - it's called democracy: is that too much to ask? #ccdb

US Safe Harbor guarantees "adequate" - rubbish: #CISPA totally destroys that idea (v @Privacymatters @alexanderhanff)

Court Not Impressed By #Dentist Using #Copyright To Try To Censor Online Reviews - this is developing nicely

Grooveshark Loses Latest Round In Court, In A Ruling That Could Gut The #DMCA's Safe Harbors - this looks worrying

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