Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130041 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

U.S. criticizes ‘unnecessary’ #EU rules on genetically modified crops - this is what #TAFTA is really about #gm

Celebrating 15 Years of a Better Web - "key to getting us where we are & it’s key to getting us where we want to be."

"CC-BY...means authors lose control over their product once it has been published" - </facepalm> (v @petermurrayrust)

#Novartis Loses Patent Bid: Lessons From #India’s 3(d) Experience -  excellent, detailed analysis #pharmapatents

FACT Turn Up at Torrent Site Owner’s House Demanding Domain Names - "nice lookin' place you've got here..."

Farewell to the Open Knowledge Foundation, Hello to Mozilla! - good to see connections here (v @petermurrayrust)

Startups Realizing That #Patent #Trolls Are An Existential Threat - better late than ever

WHAT IS “EUDataP”? - "you can contact all MEPs from your country & Ministries that are responsible in your country"

Verhandlungsmandat geleakt – #TAFTA ist auf bestem Weg #ACTA 2.0 zu werden - starting making those placards

UK Music Licensing Agency Says You Can't Use Its Music In Podcast Without Purchasing License Doesn't Even Offer -

#Wikipedia Editor Threatened With Lawsuit For Participating In Discussion Leading To Deletion Of Entry - not good

USPTO reaffirms invalidation of Apple patent in Samsung suit - so there we have it

Valve Starts Publishing Packages For Its Own Linux Distribution - logical move #gaming

Ongoing #malware attack targeting #Apache hijacks 20,000 sites - whoa, this is potentially serious

#openaccess The current standard of “debate” is unacceptable; arrogant and ignorant - still more work to do... #oa

Tree Returns Fire on Man Who Used It for Target Practice - sounds fair

These #Android set-top boxes boast front-facing cameras - could possibly go wrong?

HOWTO produce a 3D printed skeleton from a CT scan of a living animal - looks rather impressive

WikiLeaks Party Launching This Week - never a dull moment

Oceans continue to warm, especially the deeps - one reason why surface temperature is rising more slowly than thought

#Sweden Adopts a Gender-Neutral Pronoun - intriguing#linguistics

Team Prenda Shows Up In Court, Pleads The Fifth... Angry Judge Ends Hearing In 12 Minutes - just bonkers

The Open Knowledge Foundation Newsletter, April 2013 - of exciting stuff happening all over the place #okf

I've Seen the Worst Memes of My Generation Destroyed by Madness - intriguing meta-analysis of @evgenymorozov's latest

#China left out of Obama free trade party - analysis of what#TPP + #TAFTA really means: #ABC - "Anyone But China"

FOSSCOMM στην Αθήνα 20-21 Απριλίου 2013!! - have fun#gr

Aaron's Law' rewrite backfires, reformers now on defensive - gosh, whodathunk that would ever happen?

Math instructor releases 2,600 videos under Creative Commons Attribution - mathematicians are such fine people...

Deep Dive: Prenda Law Is Dead - this is lovely stuff - do read it... #law

Draft #AU Pharmaceutical #Patents Review Includes Proposal to Reduce Patent Extensions and Fund R&D Directly - nice

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