Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130331 - http://bit.ly/10o4kI6 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NHS shakeup may destroy patients' trust in GPs, says BMA leader -http://bit.ly/XlEZBu especially if GPs have financial involvement

Is Natural Gas the Next Bubble ? Has #Fracking Promised More Than It Can Deliver? - http://bit.ly/10rZEk4 "everybody's losing money"

Youth flock to mobile messaging apps, may be threat to Facebook -http://reut.rs/14HYOWm makes sense: mobile-native

Russians Selectively Blocking Internet - http://nyti.ms/Yq8Vv7 thin end of the wedge #censorship #russia

TLC Trasatlántico dañaría a México - http://bit.ly/10gPe87 important point:#TAFTA is likely to harm some economies (v @PostActa)

Iain Duncan Smith: I could live on £53 per week - http://bit.ly/10s9gLw OK, prove it by doing it - or shut up (v @Asher_Wolf)

"In the new #NHS, everything will be about payment by results" -http://bit.ly/Z3h1pa you might want to read this (v @Eaterofsun)#UK

#Novartis judgement: There is a message for Manmohan Singh -http://bit.ly/10s2Z1j indeed: think again about EU-India FTA (v @PostActa)

US Government's Failure To Protect Public Privacy Is Driving Business Overseas - http://bit.ly/Z3wIfZ trying to export failure to #EU too

Harvard-educated physician kept off Mississippi health board, but forced-birther nominated to serve - http://bit.ly/XSBCwT says it all

"vital that [drug companies] were now open with all their clinical trials data" -http://bit.ly/178T1s1 "they have a reputational problem"

The Meme Hustler - http://bit.ly/16eGpMN well-written, entertaining, but over-long analysis of @timoreilly by @evgenymorozov#longreads

European Commission #copyright consultation is no April Fool -http://bit.ly/16eYHxl but it was botched... (v @raycorrigan)

#ORG-#London Pub Meet: Glyn Moody: The War on #Sharing -http://bit.ly/16f94RQ oh, did I really agree to that...?

Aereo wins major court battle against TV networks - http://bit.ly/11ckBC8surprising, but welcome #copyright (v @xpectro @mgiraldo)

#NATO 'Cyberwar' Manual Says #Hacktivists Must Wear A Uniform -http://bit.ly/14AcUsu dressed to kill...

British troops recount human rights abuses at US detention facility in #Iraq -http://bit.ly/14ApLuI a shame secret courts want to hide #UK

Indian Supreme Court Rejects Trivial 'Evergreening' Of #Pharma #Patents -http://bit.ly/14Jksti huge win for #generics and their users #in

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