Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130407 - http://bit.ly/14YKLvy yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"if anyone owns the results of clinical trials it is the volunteers who participated" - http://bit.ly/17mvML9 #opendata in #eu now

Fear in Indian pharma over #EU's demand to seize drugs in transit -http://bit.ly/12yzUrM people will die if they do

Speech Engines - http://bit.ly/16HPgqp "search engines are not primarily conduits or editors, but advisors"; interesting idea

Consultation for review of #EU policy on #organic agriculture -http://bit.ly/10H5Ncm important, easy, closes soon - pl. reply #gm #food

Открытые репозитории кода Информационной Культуры -http://bit.ly/11IECR0 russian #opendata resources on github #ru

WikiLeaks publishes 1.7m+ United States records as it launches new ‘PlusD’ searchable repository - http://tnw.co/17mxxrS what's in there?

CommonsFest: Ένα Φεστιβάλ για την Κοινότητα των Κοινών στο Ηράκλειο της Κρήτης! - http://bit.ly/11IFx3P in Crete, too: what's not to like?

How Did Intellectual Property Become a Free Trade Issue? -http://bit.ly/1458z1a the great Con-trick #FTA #intellectualmonopolies

File-Sharers Will Not Be Held Liable For Piracy, #Russia Says -http://bit.ly/16HRrdK eminently sensible 

some #ACTA documents - http://bit.ly/14Z4v27 but nothing really revelatory

Scientists want assurances new GMO is safe - http://bit.ly/12yFY3w not too much to ask, is it? #food 

Sobre el término “Open Government” y su aparición documentada -http://bit.ly/Y9oIix amazing: #opengovernment goes back to 1957

Study suggests patent office lowered standards to cope with backlog -http://ars.to/145d4sJ yeah, that'll work

Hadopi : le coup de pied de l'âne contre la protection des #DRM -http://bit.ly/Y9yuBf weird

French Intelligence Agency Forces Wikipedia Volunteer to Delete Article; Becomes Most-Read Page On French Wikipedia - bit.ly/16I4hc1

TESS: A Full-Sky Exoplanet Survey - http://bit.ly/Z3j8gH exciting. now imagine spending the #irag war's cost on this stuff...

Tony Blair and #Iraq: The damning evidence - http://ind.pn/14ZcAE8 more of it... (v @jmcest @AnnieMachon)

Consortium of 45 Chinese Phone Makers Plan #India Entry Through AndroidGuruz - http://bit.ly/12yUsjP wow: another reason #android will win

Today, we save the Internet (again): fix the #CFAA! - http://bit.ly/16I82jz read, weep, get angry, act

Medicine's 'Hard Drive' Is Crashing - http://huff.to/16Id5ys nicely put (v @bengoldacre)#clinicaltrials #opendata

The British Library saves the .uk web, starting 20 years too late -http://zd.net/16IniuT exactly #bl #copyright

Meet the nice-guy lawyers who want $1,000 per worker for using scanners -http://ars.to/14RA6T9 ah, the wonders of #patents

EP President defends treating emails from citizens as spam -http://bit.ly/YGs103 if he doesn't want our emails, shouldn't take our money

PETA's Game of Drones - http://bit.ly/ZJstpY whoa, watch this escalate... (v @drones)

Authors Guild's Scott Turow: The Supreme Court, Google, Ebooks, Libraries & Amazon Are All Destroying Authors - http://bit.ly/10NC0xj ouf

News Corp. Threatens to Pull Fox Off the Airwaves If Aereo Wins -http://dthin.gs/10HSxE4 quick, somebody get this in writing...

In Which NY Times Reporter Jenna Wortham Accidentally Reveals How She Violated Both The CFAA & The DMCA - http://bit.ly/14ZOWXX whoops

Shedding light on the Black Death - http://bit.ly/12A74XW fascinating stuff#health #genomics #london

Verteidigungsministerium geht mit #Urheberrecht gegen investigativen Journalismus vor - http://bit.ly/12A7ttm "Streisand lässt grüßen."

Call for Papers: Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI ‘13) -http://bit.ly/10AjU4J  sounds interesting

Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too) - http://nyti.ms/Xzzb7yparasites in the #openaccess ecosystem (v @normative)

Priests Watch DVD Screeners While Pirates Download Filth in the Vatican -http://bit.ly/Z3Ymxr </insert snarky comment here>

Should we boycott #JohnLewis? - http://bit.ly/10LWvvY the stupid, it burns #uk

Global music industry showing dramatic signs of recovery - http://bit.ly/10NFoIshow awkward for the narrative of doom (v @howardknopf)

Rules are no substitute for cultivating a culture of open government -http://bit.ly/12BDptF muzzling of canadian scientists v worrying

Pesticide industry and NGO clash over EFSA definition of endocrine disruptors - http://bit.ly/Yb66yL the former are clearly biased, no?

When cancer stole Roger Ebert’s voice, Twitter gave him a new one -http://bit.ly/17nfPnY nicely done

EU beef, soy demand adds to Amazon destruction, says study -http://bit.ly/YGQz9j something we need to address here in #EU

The Patent Protection Racket - http://bit.ly/146adQq "you’re not just being “pragmatic,” you have actually gone over to the dark side"

New medical confidentiality campaign - http://bit.ly/146aGSy "April 24th, a new medical confidentiality campaign will kick off in London."

Don't Be Fooled by Data Tricks: The Case of the Dueling Korea FTA Press Releases - http://bit.ly/ZwiuLJ old but important for #TAFTA#TPP

Lobbyists, Politicians And USTR Planning A 'Rally' To Show 'Strong Support' For #TAFTA - http://bit.ly/ZiUBjM risible & pathetic 

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