Sunday, 14 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130412 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Trade agreement with Singapore secret until it enters into force - this is not democracy #EU #transparency

Documentary On The History Of Apple And Microsoft Show It Was All About Copying, Not Patents -

#Monsanto Protection Act Just Tip of GE Iceberg - links to excellent, detailed history [pdf] -

Lessons from Mendeley: Where’s The Open In The Model? - lots of good points #mendelsevier #openness

Industry group attacks EU plans to overhaul #copyright enforcement law - quotes usual troublemaker... #IPRED

Evolution or Revolution In Science Communication - interesting stuff #openaccess

Open Seed Data Catalog - interesting project to preserve genetic diversity; seeking funding (v +Stephen Bathgate)

Here's Another Inventor Who Willingly Gave Away His Greatest Idea In Order To Establish It As A Global Standard –

RSC's Matilda: the Musical a hit on Broadway - " a success story for the UK's system of subsidy"

Pirate Party Crowd-Sources File-Sharing Fine Settlements - interesting approach

What’s the right model for shared scholarly communications infrastructure? - let the debate begin...

Psy Video 'Gentleman' Released on YouTube: Is It a Hit? - those follow-ups are so hard to pull off...

EU court decision heralds multi-country European music licenses - long overdue #monopolies

Diluting the scientific method: Ars looks at #homeopathy (again) - long, thorough, pretty definitive

Repo Man Director Alex Cox Plans To Edit Next Film With OpenShot - wow, another big vote for power of #opensource

#Facebook: double mastectomy obscene - gang-rape perfectly OK - (v @amirightfolks @Asher_Wolf)

Uno-Studie: Welt verliert Kampf gegen Klimawandel - this is not good #climatechange

"The silencing of the Munchkins must rank as 1 of most inept acts of censorship Britain has seen" - (v @superglaze)

Is U.S. #drone policy creating more terrorists than it's killing? - gosh, no, you think? </facepalm> (v @tvol)

Six Reasons Why Chinese People Will Drive the Next Bull Market in #Bitcoin - intriguing & plausible #china

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