Monday, 15 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130413 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Is Renewable #Energy's Biggest Problem Solved? - #germany leads the way: why can't #UK follow?

#Google deal with EU regulates search results – report - seems to have got off lightly

“The silencing of the Munchkins” – what the BBC should have done - yup #dingdong

#mozilla TowTruck. - "lets users communicate, co-author, co-browse and guide each other." (v @cdaffara @HNTweets)

Crucial meeting of India, EU on FTA tomorrow to iron out issues - will anyone think of generic drugs for the poor?

"worried it may be used to introduce a European social agenda into the US market" - no, the reverse #TAFTA #Ipout

#India-EU FTA won’t hit generic drugs industry: EU envoy - important if true; unforunately #TPP will hit generics

Beatings, Attempted Suicides & Deliberate Starvation: The Dystopic Hell of Guantanamo Bay - what a blot on US history

Patents for DNA molecules help promote innovation - no: publicly-funded researchers developed tests too (v @DrRimmer)

#Monsanto vs. Mother Earth - epetition at 1.5 million, now going for 2 million.... #patents

"Privatise her funeral. It would be a fitting tribute" - quite right: surely Tories wouldn't expect the State to pay?

Malaysia: Chromebook/cloud provision for 10 million! (not taking the tablets) - wow, 1st of many? (v @techsoc)#linux

“Judaliq” (separation, parting) - want to watch a film in Uyghur? course you do (English subtitles just in case....)

Archive of Historical Computer Software is here - at the incredible Interent Archive, of course... #history

Corruption Allegations Rock #Australia's CSIRO - doesn't look good #augeanstables

Japanese Government Give Up Original Copyright License, To Support Creative Commons - nice #japan #cc

Some initial thoughts about the popularity of QQ's Wechat (aka Weixin) - interesting, plausible #china

Russia's Accused of Collaborating with Secret Service -  no surprise, really

#Opendata market makers - green shoots

Kidney breakthrough: complete lab-grown organ works in rats - promising

A working journalist reports on the Exxon Pegasus Pipeline spill in Mayflower, AK - (v @Grantland33 @sivavaid)

Malaysians must reject #TPP - "no public discussions on why participation useful to its interests"

codifying Israel's right to discriminate against Americans - if so, means EU can ban USians involved with #torture

Hacktivists as Gadflies - "legal reality not so different from that faced by Socrates"; good analysis (v @timbry)

Ex-Pakistani President Musharraf admits secret deal with U.S. on drone strikes - well, well (v @drones)#pakistan

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