Saturday, 13 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130411 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

« Allo quoi » peut-il vraiment être déposé à l’INPI ? - bonkers (v @nitot)

Following Cornish-language ebook climbdown, #Amazon faces fresh protests over lack of Welsh support - unacceptable

28-geared, 3D-printed cube - "geared confection that came out of the 3D printed fully assembled!" impressive

We need decentralized cryptocurrencies, we just don’t need #Bitcoin - good analysis

ORG-#London Pub Meet: Glyn Moody: The War on #Sharing - oh, that would be me; next monday...

Morsi backs Egyptian military after malpractice allegations - wow, really going the full evil, callous dictator route

#Tesco statement on non-#GM poultry feed misleading - unacceptable; I certainly won't be shopping there...

Fifteen reasons the Communications Data Bill is the wrong approach - forget #thatcher: this and #nhs are real issues

Foreign Corporations Launched Record Number of Investor-State Attacks on Public Policies in 2012 - see #TAFTA, #TPP

French Politician Wants To Limit How Cheaply Companies Can Sell Goods Online Compared to Physical Shop Prices - #fr

#Japan, U.S. agree on Tokyo joining #TPP talks - OK, but on what terms? what concessions by japan?

Prestigious science journal slams Harper government’s muzzle on federal scientists - kudos (v @Bergg69 @Asher_Wolf)

“Lo de la propiedad intelectual es ponerles celadores a las ideas" - interesting interview with @xpectro

'Gangnam Style' & (c) Laws - How Most Popular Video Of All Time Changed Definition Of Intellectual Property - did it?

Have #Tesco and Co-op paved the return of Frankenstein foods? - coodinated action much? (v @chiefoldmist)#gm

US still pressing allies for tougher anti-piracy laws - why on earth does #spain keep bending over like this?

Indonesians Crack Down On #Corruption with Crowd Reporting Site Lapor - promising initiative #transparency #id

Rackspace Sues Famed Patent Troll For Breach Of Contract - well done them

450,000 Early Journal Articles Now Available - great, but we should have had access to this 90 years ago...

Trade Agreement with Singapore Secret Until It Enters Into Force - what kind of democracy is this? shameful #EU

When Dickens met Dostoevsky - what an amazing story; what fine writing...

States Continue To Make Photographing Or Taping Farms A Crime - nothing to hide, of course...

Exposed: #Monsanto's Chemical War Against Indigenous Hawaiians - hawaii gets colonised again: "Aloha ‘āina"

EU High Court Clears Copyright Collecting Societies Of Antitrust Charges - hmm

New Japanese method for killing dolphins is inhumane - "process is prolonged by inserting a wooden peg into wound"

The World’s First Solar-Powered Helicopter Takes Flight - you can see where this is going... #drone

#Pesticide Suspected in Bee Die-Offs Could Also Kill Birds - hey, but who needs birds...or bees...or food...?

El blindaje de la transparencia y las garantías constitucionales - "carece aún de una auténtica ley de transparencia"

Charles Carreon Has To Pay $46K In Legal Fees - ouch, that's got to hurt...

WA grants MSFT $1.5B tax amnesty, resorts to taxing dance-clubs to make up shortfall - you can't make this stuff up

Nano Quadcopter open source tiny #drone kit - amazing

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