Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130415 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

UK refuses to admit US embassy cables obtained by #WikiLeaks are genuine - pathetic #tergiversation

The Communications Data Bill will strangle new businesses - great to see @Coadec making its voice heard; more please

SCOTUS Oral Arguments in AMP v. Myriad Genetics; Court to Determine Answer to Question: Are Human Genes Patentable? -

The Open Standards Board - naming names (v @Simon_M_White @AlecMuffett)#openstandards #uk

Parallella: The $99 #Linux supercomputer - only with free software is this possible...

Azzam Alwash wins Goldman prize: 'Saddam's marsh drainage project was war by other means' - heart-warming stuff #iraq

Who owns our genes? #Myriad Genetics' monopoly challenged - excellent, readable summary of issues and developments

KEI Works to Make the World a Better Place in Many Ways (Video) - great to see @jamie_love getting some recognition

If we need to kill the EU-US trade agreement, we will - yup #TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts

Investor-State Dispute Resolution: The Monster Lurking Inside Free Trade Agreements - huge threat, almost unknown

JUSTICE KAGAN: "And the PTO seems very patent happy" - myriad thoughts on #Myriad... #genepatents

Microsoft should never have supported netbooks - they signed PC's death warrant - good analysis: a race to the bottom

Surprise, Surprise! CJEU dismisses Italian and Spanish challenges on enhanced cooperation procedure - regrettable

Circuses to face wild animal ban - about time (v @julianhuppert)

"authors who were undergrads when research was conducted able to publish in #PeerJ for free" - (v @Stephen_Curry)

Debatte: Wie kann sich Onlinejournalismus finanzieren? - lots of good ideas here

SCOTUS Seems Skeptical As Myriad Claims Gene Patents Should Exist, Because It Put A Lot Of Work Into Finding Them –

#Android phones to top 1B by year-end says Schmidt - 1.5 million activations daily (v @stshank)#linux

#Archaeology on an Interstellar Scale - lovely, thought- provoking stuff #space

Brazilian non-GM soy producers baffled by UK retailers' decision - are supermarkets lying to us? looks that way...

Standing up to big business lobbies:  ALTER-EU's annual assembly and public debate - important stuff #lobbying

wow: the last Ice Age began 4250 years ago, and only lasted 250 years. who knew? -

India, EU fail to sort out differences on free trade agreement - meanwhile, opposition mounts in #india

Yao Ming Says No to Ivory and Rhino Horn - Yao Ming is a total hero: give that man a Nobel Peace Prize... #china

Protests against #TPP go global as Malaysian, Japanese groups oppose deal - great to see people waking up to threats

Americans want #ACTA in the free trade agreement with the EU - well, obvs (v @PostActa)#TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts

Event: What’s Wrong with #Copyright? - next week; could be a long evening...#london

Congress Quickly And Quietly Rolls Back Insider Trading Rules For Itself - as one does

FBI arrest agent over bribery cover up claim in battle over $10bn mountain - the sums involved here are just obscene

In tit for tat, Indian hackers deface 37 Brazilian websites - weird

BMJ: end of #NHS? - "folly to force the English NHS into competition for the sake of competition" *v @schestowitz)

EU abandons pharma IP demands in India trade deal - pretty significant concession by EU (v @mgeist)#FTA

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