Monday, 23 January 2012


A Clash of Media Worlds (and Generations) - v biased, pro-Hollywood piece from #NYT - feeble stuff #sopa

Two things about #SOPA/PIPA and then I'll shut up - joel spolsky says we need to go on the attack; I agree

#Megaupload drops its lawsuit against UMG over ‘Megupload Mega Song’, for now - getting complicated

The (legal) case against an Irish #SOPA - fascinating stuff #ireland

Follow the money - someone else who has joined the dots on O'Dwyer, Megaupload, piracy and SOPA; NB Napster info

Does Online #Piracy Hurt The Economy? A Look At The Numbers - great to see the Big Lie being challenged at last

White House Petitioned to Investigate #MPAA Bribery - lovely idea; can't see it happening...

Fireball XL5 - Start & Theme Song - are those were the days (v @wftl)

Online piracy steals American jobs - muddling piracy & "dangerous counterfeit products" (v @Copycense @PTOLawyer)

Guangzhou’s Yangjicun Gradually Demolished for Redevelopment - amazing sequence of pix #china

Mosquitoes with Cannons - "Networked politics, information politics, is the way to fix things." #postsopa

Don’t Stop at SOPA - "Now can we talk about the law that already exists?" #postsopa (v @rmack)

Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem - it's really not a problem (v @jackschofield)

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