Friday, 20 January 2012


Yet More Collateral Damage From #SOPA/PIPA: Activism Through Satire - why #greenpeace & others are threatened

#Sopa and Pipa would create a consumption-only internet - yup: let's turn the seditious #Net into safe #tv

Internet NO serĂ¡ otra TV - talking of Net as TV, here's a picture of what it would look like (v @smarimc)

Strategy for unmanned aircraft systems in the European Union - really frightening #drones (v @Asher_Wolf Ash @legalift)

#Khan Academy explains #SOPA/PIPA - seems appropriate

Post-#SOPA: the path forward for addressing piracy - lots of good points worth thinking about

Schaake MEP: Draft US online piracy bills a 'slippery slope' - good stuff; can't we make her EU president or something?

Chinese microblog #Sina Weibo reportedly planning its own #Android device - I predict many big Net cos. will do this

Kopimism Kopimists CopyMe - "main hub for international support and liaison" (v @occupyofficial)

Aakash Tablet Preordering Crosses 2 million - big numbers #india #android

Hollywood Moguls Stopping Obama Donations Because Of President’s Piracy Stand - so step in, net cos. (v @SinkDeep)

Undetectable Technology - "our machines approach the thermodynamic equilibria of their environment" #fermiparadox

Julian #Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview - remember him? good update on his thinking and situation #wikileaks

Open Economics Hack Day Saturday January 28th 2012 - be there somewhere else #okf

When a petition isn't enough: #SOPA protestors raise money to hire #lobbyist firm - fighting slime with slime

No More New #Penguin Digital #Audiobooks For #Libraries, Either - doing its bit to make piracy more attractive

Leaked #Sony road map stirs up a dozen #Android devices - well, inevitably

‘MegaSearch’ Aims to Index Fraud Site Wares - enterprising, if nothing else...

File #Sharing Without The Internet: The Saharan Bluetooth Experience - great name for a band, no?

Amazon basin becoming carbon emitter - not good

Join The Commissioning Consortium: Goodnight Moon for SATB Choir and Piano - #ericwhitacre joins the crowdsourcing crew

Hollywood Studios, MPAA to Attempt to Neutralize #SOPA Protests With Ad Campaign - or they could send faxes to people

#SOPA -- What It Is and Why It’s Bad - on Fox News website (sic) (v @newsbrooke)

Will the EP Development committee betray billions of people? - pure eurocentric #neocolonialism #acta

Center for American Progress under fire from Israel advocates - antisemitism? what an original tactic (v @ggreenwald)

Big #Agribusiness Influence Threatens to Override Public Interest in Greed Revolution - well researched & worrying

nine million rats inside my mind - fans of Katie Melua may wish to avert their glances (v @ninapaley)

Are Democrats About To Lose An Entire Generation Of Voters By Pushing PIPA/#SOPA Forward? - struck me, too; weird

Put Down the Pitchforks on #SOPA - finally confirms what I suspected: Mr Pogue is utterly clueless about this stuff

European Parliament Development Committee 24 January - oh look, Bill Gates telling EU how it should do it

Homeland Security Given Green Light to Monitor American #Journalists - hello??? (v @SinkDeep @smarimc)

DOJ Gives Its Opinion On SOPA By Unilaterally Shutting Down 'Foreign Rogue Site' Megaupload... Without SOPA/PIPA - huh?

How Hollywood drives people to piracy - how doesn't it?

#Android by the numbers: 11B downloads, 250M devices - interesting numbers

Anonymous Takes Down DOJ, RIAA, MPA and Universal Music - can't imagine why...

#China Launches iPad Alternative for Communists - would be a “symbol of privilege”

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