Friday, 13 January 2012


#SOPA: A Bad Cop's Best Friend - good point

Scribus 1.4 Released - important #opensource code #dtp

Study raises new concerns about safety of genetically modified food - won't anyone think of the microRNAs? #gm

Booklet: Why you should care about #ACTA - time to pass on to your MEP? in multiple languages (v @Engstrom_PP)

Allwinner A10: A GPL-compliant computer for $15 - these ultra low-cost boards show real power of #linux

Popular aftermarket #Android firmware #CyanogenMod hits 1 million users - serious numbers #opensource

Civil Society and Spending Data: Who is mapping the money? - more good news from #okf #opendata #ogov

E-commerce proposal causes liability jitters - stupid favouritism for #copyright industries - exactly wrong #eu

The unbearable loss of words - great piece; wonderful last line #aphasia

The case study that could kill ICANN - great story about #icann's incompetence, & why new gTLDs will be utter disaster

Fierce competition on the road to the $1,000 genome - good summary of hugely important trend #genomics

Open Government Data wince it’ll take a while… Open Education – next September? No probs - ha! #uk

Government gives away £500,000 to 10 lucky firms to build ‘Internet of Things’ - it's a start

Good bye, Google Maps - someone else moving to #openstreetmap - see (v @dozykraut)

HealthCheck: #Linux Mint - good background to rising #distro

Freiherr trifft Piraten - interesting: Guttenberg wants to meet up with one of his critics in the Pirate Party #de

Lethal viruses could leap continents in bushmeat trade - another great reason to stamp it out

#EU gives notice of 'Net blocking schemes - extrajudicial censorship (v @jmcest) cc @NeelieKroesEU @VivianeRedingEU

Genetically modified mosquitoes' survival rate concealed - and that's not good

Tax on Newspaper Sales Is America's Worst Tax Idea - a man with his finger on the pulse #publishing

#Microsoft Strikes Another #Patent Deal With An #Android, Chrome OS Device Maker: LG - terms not disclosed, of course

Hands-on with Project Fiona: the sub-$1,000 #gaming PC... tablet? - interesting form factor; wrong OS, of course...

Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library now boasts 75,000 books, borrowed 295,000 times last month - small beginnings

Private Eye alleges second Vodafone #tax scheme - from bad to worse

MT @jamie_love Prof Jay Thomas, Georgetown law professor, is expected to take a position with USPTO as adviser on patent policy. good news

We can block Facebook, Google like China: Delhi High Court - no need to sound so proud of it (v @koolhead17)#india

Kickstarter Helped Raise Nearly $100 Million In 2011... But There Are No New Business Models? - much...

MT @opensourcerer Great to hear @dr_black talking about #opensource on #BBCR4 Material World along with @raspberry_Pi#education

The Author of #SOPA Is a #Copyright Violator - that was inevitable (v @@adamclarkestes @dangillmor)#cc

Chinese Lenovo Secures Biggest Deal With #India - 300,000 GNU/Linux laptops for Tamil Nadu (v @razvansandu)

Boo-Freaking-Hoo: #RIAA Complains That 'The Deck Is Stacked' Against Them On CES Panels - unbelievable #sopa

The 'Boycott #Sopa' app and the informed consumer-citizen - why this is a hugely important approach #politics

ITHAKA becomes the second AAP member to disavow the Research Works Act - let's hope there's more to come

The Pirate Bay Will Stop Serving Torrents - "everyone can soon host a full copy of The Pirate Bay on a USB thumb drive"

Can't Afford #Minecraft? Just Pirate It - says Minecraft creator Notch (v @igblan)

Senator Leahy Hopes To Rush Through #PIPA By Promising To Study DNS Blocking... Later?!? - yeah, riiight

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