Monday, 16 January 2012


Ken Clarke ready to betray 800 years of British justice - shameful: why we need #wikileaks (v @Joscelyn @AdamWagner1)

My Plans For 2012 - @Falkvinge will be a busy chap #opensource #activism

Budgies find yawns irresistible too - another massive breakthrough for science

Greenpeace, Misereor und Bundesärztekammer lehnen Gen-Patente ab - striking alliance #genepatents (v @FFII)

#MPAA Response to White House Position on Anti-Piracy Legislation - utter tosh (v @jmcest @jmcest)#sopa

Scarcity Is A Shitty Business Model - this man is really getting it #abundance

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline is Not Jobs Plan, But Oil Export Plan - "Oil Goes to China, Permanent Jobs Go to Canada"

MIT Media Lab opposes #SOPA, #PIPA - that's good (v @petersuber)

How the Internet of things could make the world safer and greener - intriguing vision #internetofthings

New Animal Virus Takes Northern Europe by Surprise - eeek, don't like the sound of this

Help wanted at LWN - great to see #lwn expanding... #jobs

Underwater Noise Disturbs Whales 120 Miles Away - “it’s man-made junk in the wate"; bad us

Trial delayed in Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google - not exactly storming away, that lawsuit, eh Oracle?

#Nokia Sells More Than 450 Wireless Patents To Patent Troll - can't imagine who they might be used against

McKinnon vs O'Dwyer - good comparison of cases

Unique life form is half plant, half animal - endosymbiosis commoner than we thought?

EFF to ask for sanctions against copyright trolling astrologers - serves 'em right...

How #DNA contamination can affect court cases - this is going to become a big problem

The BBC ponders charging UK iPlayer users to watch archived content - that won't be popular

Indian Government to Kill Aakash Tablet? To Dump Tablets to Rural India - really? #india #android

how @carlmalamud suffered at the hands of youtube's flawed three strikes system - & #sopa would be far worse

#Murdoch doesn't understand links - "against more than just #piracy. He is against fundamental architecture of the web"

a list of AAP members who have publicly disavowed the AAP position on #RWA - more needed... #openaccess

co-sponsor of anti-open access bill, defends NY publishing industry - delusional at every level (v @Copycense)#oa

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