Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Offenherzige Ober-Piratin - interview with Marina Weisband, senior member of German #PirateParty

Users #petition #Asus over locked bootloader in Asus Transformer Prime - interesting move

What #SoundCloud's Massive New Funding Means - $50 million? must be bubble time... #dotcommadness

The Top 11 Citizen Science Projects of 2011 - important new trend #openscience

Florida deputies cleared of wrongdoing in unusual death - nothing to see here, move along please #policebrutality

Orangutan conservation project, #Indonesia – in pictures - kudos to these people

India’s $35 #Android tablet, the Aakash, lands in America - useful review (v @whiteafrican @kiwanja)

#Slovak rulings go online -- with no hiding place for litigants - good to see #openlaw

Motion-Tracking comes to Blender with Project Mango - #blender is ever-more impressive #opensource

Judge to consider oral argument in lawsuit against #Monsanto - important case #gm

#India's #Aakash tablet: 1.4 million booked in 14 days - more news on the hottest tab in town

Orwell Was An Optimist: Happy New Year - cheerful thought #surveillance #censorship

#screwcable - "make it impossible to legally consume the content they want, they will pirate it" -@fredwilson

A modest proposal to give Free Software equal legal standing as proprietary - raises important points #law

What should free software do in 2012? - put another way, what's the most important thing it could do? #sopa #freesw

#Asus to unlock Transformer Prime's bootloader, issue Android 4 update - that[s better

No, #Belarus Is Not Cut Off From The Internet, But New Restrictions Are Still Pretty Bad - my latest take on the story

#Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 Released - "shorter, better, and more compatible with other #freesw Licenses"

Mapping the Human Story - could be fab or a flop

Pipeline Inspector-Turned Whistleblower Calls Keystone XL a Potential “Disaster” - wow, pretty telling #tarsands

How #Copyright Industries Con Congress - great, meticulous debunking of ridiculous "piracy harm" numbers

Gov't Able To Keep Details Entirely Private In 'Public' Hearing Over Twitter Subpoena - make yourself at home, Kafka...

#IBM Assigns 217 More #Patent Filings to #Google including Wireless Phones and Javascript Widgets - </sigh>

White House – Extended Deadline for Public Access and Digital Data Requests for Information - important #oa #opendata

Codeacademy Signs Up 97,000 People for Its New Year’s Resolution Coding Class - impressive #javascript

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