Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Community-powered satnav app Waze hits 10m users, makes strides in the UK - http://tnw.co/xlhilv sensible approach

Can #Mozilla Unify Open Source? - http://bit.ly/zWxUCK hugely important point #licensing #gpl

#Twitter Ordered To Turn Over Data On #WikiLeaks Backers - http://rww.to/wbBqGu not good, but hardly unexpected in present climate

Spy watchdog seeks curbs on UK court access to intelligence material - http://bit.ly/x3u3Ga lazy, shameful move

MPAA Joins RIAA in “Monstrous” Jammie Thomas Appeal - http://bit.ly/y3IXn1 truly petty & vindictive bunch

RT @JamesFirth Meanwhile another secretive government body urges AGAINST the plans: http://ejf.me/q0 >>UK plans to keep stuff secret

#London In Detail - http://bit.ly/yigJVd amazing hi-res zoomable panaroma; don't miss

Before DNA, before RNA: Life in the hodge-podge world - http://bit.ly/y6wCFh not just RNA and DNA - enter TNA #genomics

#China’s Internet lexicon: Symbolic meaning & commoditization of Grass Mud Horse in harmonious society - http://bit.ly/w81lCY amazing meme

Socially Positioning #Sherlock and Dr John Watson’s Blog… - http://bit.ly/AmJxpC interesting analysis

Google open sources new #HTML5 #video tool - http://bit.ly/wnmKIO kept that quiet...

#Baidu Encyclopedia Digital #Museum - http://bit.ly/wj5XPN nice #china

Reddit smashes the 2 billion pageview barrier in December - http://tnw.co/ytR0np #reddit is the new #slashdot

Social Cookbook: an open source Open Graph app - http://bit.ly/yTgWdz good to see more #opensource from #facebook

#Chinese factories now manufacturing #shanzhai Indian goods - http://bit.ly/ykG23f wow, signs of the times... #india

Canonical to showcase #Ubuntu #TV at CES - http://bit.ly/zm83c8 shouldn't we be burying TV, not praising it?

2012 to be year of #Linux domination - http://bit.ly/zSIrSy upbeat appraisal

Microsoft hustled UK retreat on open standards, says leaked report - http://bit.ly/Avq16g as I guessed: Cabinet Office betrayed us all

UK Government Betrayal of #OpenStandards Confirmed - http://bit.ly/zXiVXN grovelling to #Microsoft - what a surprise

Samsung-backed open-source mobile OS #Tizen leaks in new screenshots - http://tnw.co/whEUMk looks familiar #linux

US customs can and will seize laptops and cellphones, demand passwords - http://bit.ly/w8NrcV another reason not to go there (v @Asher_Wolf)

Buy A 1-Year Nook NYT Subscription, Get The Nook Free - http://bit.ly/zqDpT2 this will become common, maybe the norm #ebooks

pic of the week: At Karakul Lake, Xinjiang, China - http://bit.ly/yvufEJ glorious (v @farwestchina)

Enterprise Will Spend $19 Billion on #Apple Hardware in 2012 - http://dthin.gs/xxz7MV disrupting monocultures is good

ICE Propaganda Film Pats Itself On The Back For #Censoring The Web; Promises Much More To Come - http://bit.ly/xRal3B honest, at least

Use of Brands In Video Games Is Free Speech—EA Lawsuit - http://bit.ly/zAM4dI fascinating

#TPP's Copyright Term Extension Would Keep Some #Canada's Top Authors Out of Public Domain For Decades - http://bit.ly/zNX36F pure theft

Are Electronic Health Records safe? - http://oreil.ly/wjt7X9 no; clever post

FSFE calls for an amendment of Slovak Copyright Act - http://bit.ly/At6Z3Z f#freesw & #cc licenses are considered to be void currently #sk

Top German cop uses spyware on daughter, gets hacked in retaliation - http://bit.ly/yNjBCV those that live by the hack, etc etc

Israel Basically Threatens to Assassinate Teen Hacker Who Leaked Israelis' Credit Cards - http://gaw.kr/yfNTkD the "terrorist" meme again

Hardware makers ally with BitTorrent for European, Asian invasions - http://bit.ly/ySqaEE great news for the BitTorrent "brand"

The Pirate Bay Shows Futility of Domain and DNS Blocks - http://bit.ly/zIgSZr but some people never learn #censorship

Google Body goes #opensource - http://bit.ly/zGNX32 nice

The story of the Apollo 11 moon landing, as told through data (video) - http://bit.ly/A8PlxZ clever #visualisation

'Open' Advocate Darrell Issa Sponsoring Bill That Will Close Off #OpenAccess To Gov't Funded Research - http://bit.ly/xz7qR3 appalling

Steve Jobs's Paycheck: $1. Tim Cook's Paycheck: $378 Million. - http://dthin.gs/zMTpQo really? banker-level salary? #apple

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