Friday, 6 January 2012


Ousted Spanish government plotted to derail EU fishing reforms - shameful greed & stupidity #spain

Is Monmouthpedia The Future Of #Wikipedia? - resolving the battle between inclusionists and deletionists

Are Newspapers Finally Figuring Out How To Reward Their Best Customers? - let's hope so... #publishing

Timeless works of art recreated in modern photographs - clever

Coffee & Power, From Linden Labs Founder, Puts A Jolt of Creativity Into #Crowdsourcing - from Philip Rosedale #sl

You Don’t Have To Support Piracy To Hate Bullying & Extortion - indeed

Disaffection with Jamendo among artists - is this true? let's hope not #cc

Legal Ramifications Of File-Sharing Now Being Religious Worship - er, interesting viewpoint...

US Threatened To Blacklist #Spain For Not Passing Site Blocking Law - spaniards must be so proud of their politicians

Studie: OpenStreetMap holt kommerzielle Kartenanbieter ein - great news #osm #opengeo

Foreign Secretary responds to open letter on freedom of expression - fairly reasonable response on the whole #uk

Interview with Igor Sysoev, author of Apache's competitor NGINX - rising star #opensource

2011 Patent Grants: A New Record - because what the world needs is lots more intellectual monopolies

#Facebook Cards takes networking back offline - shrewd move by - "a home for the current state of open source at the Agency" but more to come #nasa

Werritty/Miliband: They Were All In It - fun and funner

Why Movie Industry Can’t Innovate & the Result is #SOPA - 'cos it doesn't understand its own business (v @PaulBaldovin)

E=HP2: Welcome to #HuffPost #Science - why do I get the feeling this will be a disaster? (v @BoraZ)#oxymorons

If #Libraries Didn't Exist, Would #Publishers Be Trying To Kill Book Lending? - on the basis of this, they would

NewsRight Launches With 29 Publishers; 'Not A Litigation Shop' - well, we shall see, no? #copyright

who knew that there was an American Polygraph Association? apparently it's the "accreditation" that UK police use:

Stop Pretending To Endorse #Copyright Monopoly - "We create not because of a monopoly, but because of who we are"

BTW, regarding #polygraph tests and their uselessness, this site is worth noting: (v @Beautyon_)

How Attaching Smartphones to Microscopes Could Change Global Health - amazing: here, too

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