Thursday, 12 January 2012


Help Stop #SOPA/#PIPA - wow: #WordPress just asked its 60 million users to join the fight. let's hope they do

Inside the Great Firewall of #China's #Tor Blocking - yikes: near real-time blocking (v @kyrah404 @Liberationtech)

Response to RFI on Public Access - sensible stuff from @wilbanks on saving #openaccess

At #CES, #Microsoft's Steve #Ballmer Strains for Relevance in Keynote - wonderful 1st par (v @Michael_French @tim)

Ethical Oil and the Northern Gateway Pipeline Process - has the Canadian government gone utterly bonkers? seems so

Open Education and freedom to teach computing - thoughtful post, as ever #uk

Raspbery Pis are in the oven! - let's hope they cook this time #linux

#Intel bets big on #Android and the smartphone ecosystem could benefit - not good news for #microsoft...

BitTorrent Seeders Harrass Blackmail Victim, High Court Rules - interesting case - and precedent

Aposta no software livre - good to see women in #opensource getting some attention #brazil

Music industry launches new High Court action against state - cheeky, but no surprise (v @MsLods @tjmcintyre)#ireland

Wow: Gove mentioned Raspberry Pi & wikis in his #digitalliteracy speech, & said "In an open-source world" –

#Reddit Plans To Black Out Site For A Day To Protest #SOPA/#PIPA - how about #google doing the same at the same time?

Students break record by folding toilet paper 13 times - think you can do better? you're probably wrong...

"An Open-Source World"? Where's The Open Source? - the elephant/penguin in the room #education #gove #uk

Biometrics in Argentina: Mass Surveillance as a State Policy - bad things happening; need to be resisted or will spread

Making it easier to buy online: #eu action plan for e-Commerce - I see, so that more physical retailers fold, right?

Notice & Action: EU Commission Must Put Freedom of Expression First - but won't... #censorship

Dutch ISPs Ordered To Block The Pirate Bay - so it goes on

Comcast -- Owner Of NBC Universal -- Admits That DNS Redirects Are Incompatible With #DNSSEC - important #sopa

AT&T Makes a Big Bet On Linux and Open Source in the Cloud - good analysis

Big Switch open sources Floodlight, an Open Flow controller - not sure what it does, but good to have...

#China now has more than half a billion Internet users - how long before a billion?

Firefighters For #SOPA (Again): The Congressional Fire Services Institute Rehashes Cliches And Debunked Anecdotes –

Blame the Internet: London's burglars won't even steal CDs, DVDs - and they know a fing or two...

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