Sunday, 22 January 2012


#Megaupload Details Raise Significant Concerns About What DOJ Considers Evidence Of Criminal Behavior - great analysis

The Dawn of Social Lobbying - "financial power will be trumped by network power"

Spain's Navarra Region Presents Progressive Open Government Law - interesting #ogov #es

Undercover police had children with activists - more great work by our defenders of public morality#

BrowserID is an easier way to sign in - good to see #mozilla doing important, innovative things #identity #security

More than Half of the EU with Restrictions to Net access. What will Neelie Kroes Do? - good question #netneutrality

MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't Corrupt Enough To Stay Bought - its cheek knows no bounds

Springer Statement on the US Research Works Act - feeble #openaccess #rwa

WebM-Enabled Browser Usage Share Exceeds H.264-Enabled Browser Usage Share on Desktop - wow (v @jwildeboer)

Pick up the pitchforks: David Pogue underestimates Hollywood - one of shirky's best recent pieces #sopa

Fissure opens in #chess #AI scene - amazing saga (if you care about this stuff)

Stallman on E-Book Evils & Privacy - really important point about #privacy #ebooks

2011 Libraries' Digital Checkouts Up 133% Over 2010 - oh look, another huge opportunity publishers want to throw away

Google Maps gets #UK national train times, routes and directions - ooh, handy

MegaUpload - really wise & important post from Jonathan Coulton; highly recommended (v @Awexelblat)

#Megaupload site wants assets back, to fight charges - I expect its users do, too

DoD Using Plant #DNA To Combat Counterfeit Parts - one day, everything will have this...

Kill Hollywood - I think it's doing that itself; but hastening the deed wouldn't hurt (v @jackschofield)#ycombinator

The Seizing of Domains - one of the key problems with the #megaupload takedown

Launching: Heartsong Project: Who I Am, My Passion, My Vision & Intentions - interesting set of ideas

How can the US seize a "Hong Kong site" like #Megaupload? - good summary of the issues

#MegaUpload case proves we don’t need #SOPA or #PIPA - yup; and now we have Exhibit A

Internet Rising - entertaining sequence of interviews with usual suspects; rather woolly towards the end #cc by-nc-nd

FBI Reminds Us Government Already Has MegaPower to Take Down Websites - more good thoughts on this issue

Elsevier — my part in its downfall - important refusal by top mathematician +Timothy Gowers to work with them #oa (v @petersuber)

Steal This Book! - kudos to Jon Evans, liberating 2 of his novels under #cc licence

Powers of Ten Perspective on #SOPA - insightful analysis & big thinking from @gnat

XBMC running on #RaspberryPi - just the start of the coming tidal wave of ultra-cheap home devices #linux

RT @normative"Chris Dodd is lying about piracy costing us jobs" -@wilw >>the word is getting out

#Australia: US #Copyright Colony or Just a Good Friend? - useful summary of key issues currently

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