Thursday, 5 January 2012


Beyond The Internet Of Things Towards A Sensor #Commons - #opensource, of course

why #paypal is evil part 283478 - we really must create an alternative to this lot (v @jwildeboer)

Marco Tempest makes open-source magic for the 21st century - novel (v @mbauwens)#openness

#nginx overtakes #Microsoft IIS according to netcraft's active sites for January - top 2 web servers now #opensource

German president faces widening scandal - ich denke, dass er Toast ist... #de

Dow Chemical wants approval for #GM corn that is resistant to Agent Orange - what could possibly go wrong?

Richter verdoppeln Milliardenstrafe gegen Ölkonzern #Chevron - serves 'em right, too #pollution’s One-Click Patent Application Allowed in #Canada - stupidity all round

US Survey Shows #Piracy Common and Accepted - the law is an ass

What does Cinnamon bring to the desktop? - why can't #ubuntu use this?

Missing portion of Obama Hope poster revealed - ha!

Badger baiting has been outlawed since 1835 – so why is it making a comeback? - pathetic cowardly scum

pic of the week: Night Street - I do like #london in the rain, which is just as well, really...

Report: #Android Market reaches 400,000 apps, 100,000 active developers - big numbers; most apps still rubbish

The #Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache #Hadoop v1.0 - trumpet it abroad #opensource

Meet Europe’s (& The U.S.‘s?) Newest Mobile Operator: China Telecom - I do love the smell of the future in the morning

How #Spain’s version of #SOPA is setting the web on fire - useful background to the coming fight #sinde

Green power from the Sahara? - can't we just get on & do this, please? #energy

The feedback economy - some intriguing perspectives

4Shared Sued To Reveal Identify of Infringing Users - interesting case

#China Wins #Afghan Oil Contract - remind me again why the West is sending its soldiers to die there... #suckers

Walter Bender on the Early Days of Sugar - already ancient history #olpc #opensource #education

Escolas municipais de São Paulo vão ganhar Wi-Fi e tablets com #Android em 2012 - 8000 initially #brazil

Punjab drops Bt cotton idea - bit of a blow for #monsanto #india #gm

Forget $100 million for Windows Phone, Microsoft planning twice that in US alone - course: this is their last chance

#Chrome Add-on Tells You When You're Browsing A Site That Supports #SOPA - what fun

“Job-Killing” EPA Regulations for Chesapeake Bay Will Create 35 Times as Many Jobs as Keystone XL Pipeline - ah, facts

Of #OpenSource and the European Commission - where does the latter stand on the former? #eu

FreeDOS 1.1 Released - slow but sure...

German Court Decisions Make Everyday Use Of The Internet Increasingly Risky There - verrückt #de

ICE Mistakenly Deports Missing Teen To Colombia - yikes

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