Monday, 2 January 2012


Diglossia and digraphia in Guoyu-Putonghua and in Hindi-Urdu - fascinating comparisons #language #linguistics

Same Platform Used to Develop Stuxnet and Duqu Created other Malware - pathetic: the word "#windows" is not used at all

2011: Striking Pirates and Stopping #SOPA - second part of #torrentfreak's useful summary of the year

#Anonymous 101 Part Deux: Morals Triumph Over Lulz - useful history; shortly to become an ebook, doubtless...

Green's Dictionary of Slang: An Appeal - #help needed to make a wonderful resource freely available online #opencontent

Fatca - The Menace You'll Hear About in 2012 - "Banks around the world are rejecting Americans as clients or customers"

2011 Gov 2.0 year in review - excellent, detailed review of #opendata #ogov (v @DirDigEng @timoreilly)

What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2012? - the scandal of the real #copyright theft - from #PD

The Aurorae - put this in HD, full screen, sit back, enjoy...

Kyrgyz Jet Crash – a Miracle in Osh - hmm, you're doing it wrong...

"jelly roll" morton is finally free - & if you don't know what a "jelly roll" is, best not to ask #public domain #jazz

Dramatic Growth of #OpenAccess - lots of hopeful stats; onward & upward #oa

Can ugly babies save museums? - nice post #art #tumblr

Zut Alors! French Government Deny BitTorrent Piracy Allegations - & thus undermines the whole of #HADOPI

#China market: Handset makers form alliance to counter possible patent infringement lawsuits - now that's a cool move

#China's tomb raiders laying waste to thousands of years of history - depressing #archaeology

Awesome Tapes from #Africa - wow, they are, too: the coolest music site on the Net?

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