Sunday, 23 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121222 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Indian government's response to #DelhiGangRape protests looks appalling; follow @Asher_Wolf for twitter stream of what's happening in #india

Saudi Arabian Blogger Could Face Death Penalty -‎ for "abandonment of religion" (v @SultanAlQassem‏ @Glinner)#pathetic

UK court rules against Motorola’s “sync messages” patent - good; more please

Meet the Weeds That Monsanto Can't Beat - the Great#Monsanto Lie: that its #GM crops require lower pesticide use

Ed McMillen: #Ubuntu Store Sold Super Meat Boy For A Year Without Permission - anyone from #canonical know about this?

Will the internet end up controlled by big business and politicians? - warning: may be a rhetorical question

EU fishing quotas defy scientific advice, say conservationists - only an idiot would describe that as a "victory"

The FDA Is Holding Back Data on Farm Antibiotics Use — And Plans to Keep Doing So - #FDA is a dangerous joke #opendata

wow, #India and #Pakistan are clearly the places where it's all happening today... #DelhiGangRape #ChangePK

Video: Pentagon's #robotic pack mule follows orders - freaks. me. out. #futurewar

#Twitter tracking Dehli Protest #delhigangrape - as it happens

Food sharing app Burpple serves up photo filters to make your latest eats look even tastier - follow-up app: Vomittle?

Harvard Scientist Proposes Refreezing Arctic to Prevent Global-Warming Disaster - maybe that's what we need to do

What #ACTA Taught Us in 2012 - preparing for more win in 2013 #CETA #TPP #TAP

Would you buy a 6.1-inch smartphone? Huawei sure thinks so - bonkers

Stabuniq Trojan rapidly stealing data from US banks - but only those stupid enough to run #windows in sensitive depts.

The New York Times: Running faster and faster to stay in the same place - good, detailed analysis #newspapers

ICSID: Ecuador Unlawfully Seized U.S. Firm's Oil Investments - absurd, biased courts overruling sovereign nations #fta

#TPP decision may come before upper house vote in #japan - potentially important, or just for show?

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