Thursday, 20 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121215 - earlier tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

IP Diplomat Sob Story: It's Hard To Push The US Agenda When The World Listens To Reason - awww

Chumby developer building open source laptop - nice

BitTorrent distances itself from piracy by claiming connection to Facebook, Twitter code deployment - hmmm

Kontrollbericht der EU: Bei Finanzdaten-Übermittlung in die USA sind weder Zugriffe noch Löschung nachvollziehbar -

Why Offline Privacy Values Must Live On In The Digital Age - absolutely right

Coal to challenge oil's dominance by 2017, says IEA -'re going backwards: "potentially disastrous consequences"

There Is Never A Need To Justify #Sharing Culture And Knowledge - more of a historical imperative

Pirate Party Shuts Down Pirate Bay Proxy After Legal Threats - regrettable, but understandable given the tactics

Smartphones monitor air pollution - got to be the future

Samsung Dethrones Nokia as Top Cellphone Brand in 2012, Beats Apple - how times change

#Monsanto ad claiming Roundup safety is misleading - Dutch commission - getting desperate

EUPL v1.2 to become GPL compatible - this is welcome#licensing

Apple, Google & others win as Kodak sells patents to Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation for $525m - weird

Just How Stupid Is The NYTimes' Threat Letter To Quartz Over Copyright Infringement? - stupid is as stupid does #nyt

USPTO invalidates key Apple patent used against Samsung - and another one....

Opinion Polls Show PM Out Of Touch With Public on #TPP - perhaps he should take note

Commission and #EFSA agree need for two-year GMO feeding studies - pressure having an impact: more needed Moving to an #OpenSource Platform - you mean it doesn't use it now?

First-ever coastwide limits set on menhaden catch in the Atlantic - great news - and not just for menhaden... 

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