Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121203 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP: Australia and NZ Agricultural Bodies Call For Action - more voices raised

News Corp. Finally Realizes Locked Up, iPad-Only News Publication Was A Dud, Shuts It Down - we could have told them

#Microsoft Steeply Raising Enterprise Licensing Fees - so how does that lock-in feel now...?

#WCIT lowdown: it's all about Africa and Committee 5 -, detailed analysis #itu

The #TPP: Corporate Control on Steroids - "The TPPA is profoundly and explicitly anti-democratic."

Photos: Jiangsu city has four fake US Capitols - when one just isn't enough #china

Tail wags dog – The Times subsidizes Nexus 7 to snag subscribers - this is another big market for #android, not #ipad

Lockout Of Stakeholders from #TPP Negotiating Venue - shameful lack of #transparency

Judge Koh: HTC-Apple Agreement Will Not Be Sealed, Exc. for Royalty Terms - "we will get to see the list of patents"

Europe v Facebook Privacy Campaign Group Is Preparing To Sue Facebook In Ireland, Sets Up Crowdfunding Platform -

Green shoots are growing in oil-rich Texas - fascinating schizophrenia

iRobot Founder Now Building Tiny Hovering #Drone Spies -

#OpenAccess to Scientific Research Can Save Lives - it must be mandatory #oa

Sun readers say no to web snooping - nice

New Zealand Government Admits That Order To Suppress Illegal Spying On Kim Dotcom Only Such Order Issued In 10 Years -

MI6 told agent they could not kill al-Qaeda leader - kudos to them, then (v @leashless)#law

Let’s defend #OpenFormats for Public Sector Information in Europe! - great summary of what happened, what we must do

With 10 hours of audio uploaded every minute, #SoundCloud rolls its new site design out to all users - #ugc

#ITU Approves Deep Packet Inspection Standard Behind Closed Doors, Ignores Huge Privacy Implications - they want trust?

European Commission Meeting on #Copyright tomorrow - is that a good sign, or a bad sign? #EU

UK literary agency partners exclusively with Amazon to break authors into US - whoa, wake up publishers...

File Sharing Lawsuits Could Lead to Clogged Courts as Canadians Rely on New Liability Caps - that would be a sight

Sophos declares 2012 the year of Android and Mac malware, as cybercriminals look beyond Windows - even they spurn it

Bihar Village Bans Women and Girls From Using Mobile Phones - shows why it's important that they should have them

#MariaDB Foundation to Safeguard Leading Open Source Database - big news for #mysql world: can you spell "fork"?

Flu vaccine claims shot down by study - why clinical trials data must be #opendata (v @phylogenomics)

Le #Ghana abritera la plus grande centrale solaire du continent - great news; makes sense (v @africatechie)

$1.5 Billion In Taxpayer Funds Go Directly To Movie Studios Each Year... And Very Few Jobs Created - free films, then

U.S. Only Major Country Not to Support Treaty for the Visually Impaired - americans must be so proud

Sir Tim Berners-Lee flags #WCIT net conference concerns - if he's against it, suggests it might not be a good idea #ITU

Fixing Copyright: Is Copyright A Part Of Free Market Capitalism? - think intellectual monopoly

Toward An FSF-Endorsable Embedded Processor - what a cool idea

Trade war in the Pacific: ASEAN and the Trans-Pacific Partnership - unusual analysis #TPP

MT @smithsam UK Gov IT spend cut by £1.5bn since election; now £6bn, expect to cut another 50% by 2015 -- Rohan Silva (v @glynwintle)

GEMA Feels It Isn't Killing German Nightclubs Fast Enough, Moves Towards Charging DJs Per MP3 On Their Laptops - insane

Defense Department Overclassifies Memo On Avoiding Overclassification - perfect

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