Monday, 3 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121201 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NZ party DSC demands immediate withdrawal from #TPP negotiations - the pressure grows

#Facebook Makes A Huge Data Grab By Aggressively Promoting Photo Sync - this will end in tears

Poll shows most NZers want to end secret #TPP negotiations - people really waking up to this now

#Leveson musings - nice ones, too #uk

How doctors & patients are kept in dark about potentially dangerous everyday drugs - in daily mail, too (v @tom_watson)

Xi pledges national renewal; cites Opium War, of course -, #china, time to get over this perhaps?

From Doc to Blackbeard – Hugh Laurie's American odyssey continues - #piracy to get huge new boost...

Fight Against the #TPP - some anti-TPP events in #NZ

China to become world's biggest film market by 2020 - this could be fun...

Questions for MEPs who really want a single #EU patent - stuff #unitarypatent

The Next Big Trend in #CollaborativeConsumption - new, but certainly important #sharing

California pot #decriminalization correlated to lowest youth crime rate in recorded history - oh look, it seems to work

Urheberrechtsreform in Österreich: Vorbild Deutschland? - the good bits, please... #at

#Leveson is excellent on internet free speech. He didn't brush over it, he robustly defended it - interesting stuff

Search engines escape Russia’s internet blacklist - well, that's a relief #ru

How The Video Game Industry Was Launched 40 Years Ago... Thanks To Infringement - fascinating tale

Don't Panic: The right to install Free Software on any device - good ideas in #germany

If I Do Humblebrag So Myself - nicely-written piece (v @jjn1)

"500,000 Papuans have died since #Indonesia invaded" - a forgotten struggle (v @suigenerisjen)#westpapua

Lobbyists Try to Halt State Green Energy Standards - are silent on externalities, which destroys their arguments

Xi Jinping calls HIV and AIDS sufferers 'Brothers and Sisters' - a welcome development #china

US-Militär: Drohnen statt Delfine - good news for dolphins#drones

Italy tracks down copy of Da Vinci's lost masterpiece - (v @LifeinSicily)#art

Anti-drone NYC street artist arrested - definitely no bullying involved #drones

Hands On With the $20 Indian Android Tablet - this may not change world but whichever does, it will run #android

ZTE Apache rumored with 8-core processor - & it won't stop there... #android #supercomputers

The idea of an #openaccess evidence rack - "I want to describe one kind of new container for #OA research"

#EU #DP Regulation to accidentally introduce voluntary “three strikes”? - this looks potentially serious /cc @teirdes

Former spy chief says U.S. has had its cyber '9/11 warning' - scaremongering much?

Erde droht dramatische Erwärmung - forget that chilly +2, we're talking +5...

Drug wars in Mexico - in pictures - utter insanity#legalisation (v @TransformDrugs)

#WCIT: Das weltweite Netz zwischen Wirtschaftsinteressen, staatlicher Kontrolle & Selbstregulierung - more on #ITU etc

The Troubling Growth of High-Tech Regulation, Lobbying, and Rent-Seeking - largely reaction to #copyright industries

#Mobile #Money: Kenya's Competitive Industry? - how #africa leads here (v @africatechie) 

#China in the heart of #Africa - excellent review of china's shrewd moves in africa (v @africatechie)

U.N. #WCIT-12 makes Syrian Internet blackout 'trivial' everywhere - good point (v @piawaugh)#ITU

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