Sunday, 2 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121130 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Following Money and Influence in the EU: The Open Interests Europe Hackathon - great work #transparency

3D Printing of Custom Personal Electronics Arrives - huge 

#Transparency and Open Government - Moving Beyond the Point of No Return - Francis Maude being bold #ogov#

Whatever happened to Robert Le Diable? - facinating tale#music

This #energy bill will fire up the renewables industry - let's hope

Launching the Open Sustainability Working Group - great initiative: we must have #opendata here

Despite US Refusal to Sign On, Global Landmine Treaty Working - shame on #US for holding out here

Genetically engineered babies unless you act now! - not a helpful view: this is a therapeutic use, not a commercial one

Free schools must teach evolution, ministers announce - to all those who made this happen #uk

ITU backs away from IP address provision - that's good; still plenty to worry about 

UK Recording Industry Doesn't Want Google To Reduce Piracy Until It Reduces Piracy - trapped in the past

Japan split on whale hunts, poll shows - not only selfish and bloody-minded, but a total waste of money too

[RT] Outdated European Copyright Levy System Descends Further Into Disarray - time to bin it completely

IE10 grabs 0.51% market share, Firefox passes 20% again, Chrome loses users third month in a row - v dynamic sector

Surprise Surprise... NOT. Seattle Judge Grants MS Motion, Bans Injunctions for Motorola's RAND Patents - stupid fight

Author Andrew Piper: Turning Pages Is Important, Therefore Reading Ebooks Isn't Reading - </shakes head in disbelief>

Supreme Court to Decide if Human Genes Are Patentable - important #genepatents

Is #EFSA Now Completely Bonkers? - no, just completely adrift in a strange world of #transparency

Citizens Tell Governments: Vote for Openness at the #ITU - getting the message across (v @rmack)#wcit

Towards more open formats for #EU public - more great work from @teirdes#openstandards #opendata

Tell #Waitrose to #DumpShell - it will not do their brand anygood to be associated with #shell...

#RaspberryPi Quadcopter - putting #linux in the sky #drones

NYT Has a Really Kooky Boner for Curation Wizard Maria Popova - I thought profile interesting; this is funnier, though

AGN in Bulgeless Galaxies: Paper Accepted - "made possible by the participation of 200,000 volunteers in #Galaxy Zoo"

Dear #ITU, please don't bill Internet use like phone calls - technical explanation why there are no free rides now

HowTo: Get rid of mosquitoes with FOSS - intriguing idea (v @RuiSeabra)

The Next Global Hotspot to Worry About - this chinese map is insane

Grundlegende Patentreform angemahnt - the solution is simple... #patents

Ermordete Umweltaktivistin: Mexiko verliert seine Heldinnen - depressing & unnecessary; legalisation only solution

Psy Elects Not To Go Legal Over Gangnam Style Restaurant - what a deeply civilised chap

Top BitTorrent Sites Have Domains Put On Hold Pending Legal Action - more extrajudicial action...? #eu

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