Saturday, 15 December 2012


5 Reasons Why The U.S. Rejected The ITU Treaty -  the internet begins to fork...

Chinese Nobel Prize-Winner Says We Need #Censorship Like We Need Airport Security - well, obvs

#ITU Director General ‘Surprised’ By U.S. Dissent On New Telecoms Treaty - this man is a comedian

#WCIT: Neuer Telekommunikationsvertrag gescheitert - summary

US Government Targets Torrent Sites, Cyberlockers and Warez Forum - upping the pressure

First Phase Of Battersea Power Station Regen Approved -'ll believe it when I see it #london

REBOL-Erfinder gibt Quellcode frei - yay #devs#opensource

Telecoms treaty sunk by US with EU allies - more details#wcit

Sony's New German Ebookstore Features Thousands Of DRM-Free Books - strangely savvy move

Growing maize disaster in Mexico - madness #mx hires data-handling privatisation point man as CTO - excellent news 

International #OpenData Hackathon Wiki now live – 14 cities added in 24 hours - good news

New #evidence-based #copyright reform campaign launched in the US - long overdue (v @howardknopf)

Peers vote to remove law banning insulting language - people should just grow up

Super-high-end 5" #Android phone from China's Oppo - yet more interesting stuff out of #china

Lessons from #Peru: A Tough Start to Regulating ISP Liability - dodgy goings-on? #TPP

Judge Koh Says No to #Apple on Non-Jury Claims re #FRAND - what fun

ORG victory on parental controls - that's good #uk#censorship

Titan: A Vast, Subsurface Ocean? - exciting #science

Huffington Post, Asahi Shimbun partner to launch HuffPo Japan - was pretty inevitable #publishing

European court of human rights finds against CIA abuse of Khaled el-Masri - just the start, one hopes #torture

UK Universities Forge Open Online Courses Alliance: FutureLearn Consortium Will Offer Uni-Branded #MOOCs Next Year -

Copyright disappears books - graph that says it all

Internet humbles UN telecoms agency - great summary: "consensus by exhaustion" #wcit #itu

#China tightens 'Great Firewall' internet control with new technology - surprised it took this long

NGOs challenge Spanish government secrecy on location of GM crops as a violation of European Union law - #transparency

Gary McKinnon will face no charges in UK - what a total farce

Hollywood and Google Square Off Over Pirate Search Results - (c) industries still never proved they've been harmed...

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