Saturday, 22 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121220 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

DEFRA plays down research lab's privatisation prospects - really stupid idea (v @kaatje36)

Freenet Project - "The exercise of our rights on the web is under threat." (v Rosana Pinheiro Machado)

Internet Policy Report #Brazil 2011 - main legislative, regulatory, technical & public policy proposals (v @remixtures)

It's Time for the Truth about US #Torture Methods - "time to make Guantanamo testimony public" (v @Asher_Wolf)

Behind Bern's #OpenSource Policy - interesting background

Men Face Deportation For Running World’s Least-Visited Torrent Site - pointless & spiteful bullying #au

#Hadopi : les Labs, c'est fini. Pas la riposte graduée - looks a real mess here

Implementing FRAND standards in #OpenSource: Business as usual or mission impossible? - biased hatchet-job, as expected

Scientists call for war on climate change, but who on earth is listening? - depressing (v @DaHammerstein)

#WCIT: what happened and what it means for the Internet - thoughts

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Complete Chronological Catalogue on Spotify - wonderful stuff

Mr. Cable: Disconnected from Digital Reality - from the Exactly Wrong Dept. #copyright #patents

European Court Of Human Rights Reinforces Right To Access Online Content - potentially important ruling #eu

Court of Appeal allows Golden Eye appeal - bad news; the bullying goes on #uk (v @AlecMuffett)#uk #copyright

Civil society key to ensuring Internet free speech, says UN independent expert - certainly is

What does an #opensource book publishing platform look like? We’re about to find out - kudos to #PressBooks

The “great prize” on offer from embracing #opendata - we're getting there

Icelanders Vote to Include #Commons in Their Constitution - wise move (v @mbauwens)

#Google executives acquitted in Milan autism video case - that's a relief (v @KevinBankston @normative)#italy

#NRA chief breaks post-Newtown silence to call for armed guards at schools - "paranoid, dystopian vision of US" #guns

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