Sunday, 23 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121221 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Silencing the Science on Gun Research - truly shameful obstructionism (v @williamheath)

Downloading Movies and Music Stays Legal in The Netherlands - interesting #nl

Tory backbenchers’ concerns about the Communications Data Bill - surprising, but good to see (v +Alan Cox)

first version of the iD editor for #OpenStreetMap - this looks an exciting project #osm

Vermont Supreme Court Allows Limits to Government Computer Search Power - that's good #us

The US's Public Domain Class Of 2013 - shows how the#copyright "bargain" has been constantly betrayed #pd

Kraftwerk's 12-Year Lawsuit Over A 2-Second Sample Comes To A Bizarre End - bonkers

After 12 years of Development, #E17 Is Out - surely not...#opensource

From "Frivolous" to the Supreme Court - a sad tale of personal attacks by increasingly desperate patent maximalists

Politicians Decry Fake #Torture, Cover Up Real Torture -"It's sad, disgusting and entirely unsurprising."

Wikimedia chapter wins victory for free licenses in Israel - news #cc

EU provides legal certainty to bilateral investment agreements - these investment agreements are really problematic

EU Commission urges industry to develop new #copyright models - why not ask the public too?

The World's Largest #Android Market, And Getting Bigger - #china, of course; but not under #google's control...

#Copyright law & enforcement in the age of the electronic book - not new, but a well-written exposition (v @boingboing)

Report: Acer prepping a $99 #Android tablet - and after that the $79 tablet, then the $49 etc etc

Warner Bros and Intel Sue Over HDCP Crack Piracy - #analoguehole

Emulate the #Mac Plus on your #Android tablet or smartphone - rather hilarious - and ironic

Three EU states condemn UK’s energy savings 'accounting trick' - quite right

Haiku London - "A daily blog post | in 17 syllables | of life in London". nice idea; pity about spelling (v @londonist)

Illegal imports of genetically engineered maize into the EU? - seems likely; stricter controls needed

WSJ: Forget #TPP's Threat to Medicines. "Free Trade is Good for Health!" - shame on #wsj (v @DrRimmer)

EU digital single market by 2015 without #copyright? - "This is pure Euro-bla-bla with severe twist of procrastination"

São Paulo Legislative Assembly Passes #OER Bill - #br

Core Peer-2-Peer Collaboration Principles - long, detailed, interesting #p2p

South Africa: Govt Begins Shredding 'First Wave' Investment Treaties - important move (v @DrRimmer @fifarahman)#bit

The #copyright #monopoly stands in direct opposition to property rights - The Great "IP" Lie

New FOI curbs could make Government more secret - to claw back secrecy it lost (v @christopherhope @Asher_Wolf)

My favorite press release (1994) - that's the way to do it (v @mikebutcher @vowe) 

#KDE's Plasma Active Ported To #Nexus 7 - nice

Internet-Zensur: Tadschikistan sperrt Twitter und soziale Netze - not good #censorship #Tajikistan 

NYPD To Identify 'Deranged' Gunmen Through Internet Chatter - what could possibly go wrong? #INDECT

Single-Click Double-Tap Murder - "this is only the beginning. That’s what scares me most." #drones

MT @ericgoldman Sue-the-world pro se wants "retribution, freedom of press, $1,000 trillion"...and an apology (pdf) 

U.S. and Russia Announce Online Piracy Crackdown Agreement - so why is #putin rolling over here?

The New York Times Paywall Is Working Better Than Anyone Had Guessed - probably works for high-end content, as with FT

New Zealand #OpenData Conference - good to see #nz

Everything is amazing: The harmonic convergence of gadgets - really important trend #smartphones

#Israeli Bill Would Allow Secret Blacklists For Websites - orders to block alleged copyright infringement

#Amazon Is Ripe For Disruption - interesting analysis#metadisruption

2012 in Review: A Year in Digital Freedom - so, was this year good or bad on balance for digital freedom? #sopa #acta

#3DPrinting Labs: The Age of DIY Designer Drugs Begins - they thought printing guns was a problem... (v @karounos)

Scottsdale Inventions Electric Shock Handcuffs for Detainees Patent - definitely not a form of #torture (v @jmcest)

Should startups bother having original ideas if big companies can just come along & clone them? - it's about execution

Bahraini activist arrested for Twitter posts - "accused of disseminating false info about clashes" (v @clarinette02)

Reexamination Request Filed Against Another Apple Patent - "features five new pieces of prior art"

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