Sunday, 9 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121207 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] Italian Public Prosecutor Says File-Sharing Site Is 'Receiving Stolen Goods' - cosa???

#Openscience and hacking - nice move from wellcome trust (v @charlesarthur)

Apple’s “Steve Jobs” iPhone patent preliminarily ruled invalid, may affect Samsung lawsuit, others - what fun

How #Corruption Is Strangling U.S. #Innovation - the lessig variety, that is...

Kim Dotcom: Mega Will Turn #Encryption into a Mass Product - he's right that this is inevitable

Koch Carbon Kings a Driving Force Behind the U.N. Deadlock in Doha - history will regard them as criminals

Q&A With ITU Ambassador Terry Kramer: It's All About Internet Freedom - excellent, v clear explanation of #wcit12

Defendant asks judge to punish porn troll for lying to the court - nice

Help Make LibreOffice 4.0 Great - great idea

The DVR That Watches You Back: Verizon Applies For 'Ambient Action' Detecting Device Patent - </sigh>

Did China Birth the Next Steve Jobs? - Xiaomi's tech based on #android

Dropbox Hires Away Google’s Guido Van Rossum, The Father Of Python - shrewd move

EU #copyright regulation must blend IP protection with Internet #freedom - pity they are fundamentally incompatible...

Dec. 7, 1999: RIAA Sues Napster - imagine if they had worked with #napster back then...

Qatar deports activists after climate talks protest: group - clearly a waste of time (v @DrRimmer @sebastianbock)

Android Won. Windows Lost. The Battle of the Century is Decided. - great post, except omits key #linux (v @razvansandu)

Unitary Patent Package Vote 11 December - No Software Patents - links to key documents (v @erikjosefsson @FFII)

Record Labels go to High Court to Force More ISPs to Block Pirate Bay - stupid obsession

DVLA tackle 294 public organisations for database  - better late than never #surveillance

Kenyan elephant numbers plummet by 1000 in four years -"driven by increasing affluence in #China and #Thailand#shame

EFF Urges Appeals Court to Bring Sanity to Patent Debate - don't hold your breath (v @patentlyo)

The PSY scandal: singing about killing people v. constantly doing it - great point, great post

4/10 parents say their children have been exposed to internet porn - 10/10 probably seen Page 3 of Sun: so tackle that

#Unitarypatent: Poland could leave the vessel, the European institutions still in denial ? - a disaster: let's stop it

UK government condemned on net address shift - this does not inspire confidence #ipv6

First #WCIT12 Resolution approved and applauded - uncontroversial (v @NeelieKroesEU)#ITU

Apple, Google find common ground, team up to buy Kodak patents for $500M - weird, but welcome

Why #China's Super-Rich Are Packing Up And Moving Abroad - pretty significant trend (v @ChinaBizWatch)

Leaked document confirms fears of #wcit12 Internet powergrab - awful: "right to know" IP traffic route #surveillance 

Assessment of law enforcement tools: no new databases needed at #EU level - that's good (v @bendrath @jmcest)

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