Sunday, 20 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131018 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD Violates #OpenSource License - come on, it's not exactly hard complying

LibrePlanet Call for Sessions - hurry hurry hurry #FSF #freesoftware

Police face legal challenge over secret files on protesters - more light must be shed on the illegal files #uk

new generation of trade policy: potential risks to diet-related #health from #TPP - outrageous this is still secret

Future of Tech May Be Determined by Millennial Malaise, Female Fans and Affluent Data Altruists - #awfulalliteration

EU trade deal could bring higher drug costs for Canadians - could??? hahaha... #CETA

Exposing the Dark Underbelly of Israel: The Horrors US Tax Dollars Support - long, fascinating interview with author

 Open-Xchange wants you to dump closed source – and embrace security - good to see this in @guardian

Megaupload Raid ‘Destroyed’ (Way) More Than 10,000,000 Legal Files - pure vindictiveness

Billionaires' fortunes hinder fight against poverty, says Oxfam - just obscene; time for expropriation...?

#Lobbyists Looking To Call Themselves Something Else: Here Are A Few Suggestions - I'm sure there are others...

#Badger cull hit by legal challenge - "faces collapse": "pilots have shown v clearly that approach is not effective"

you can contribute to Badger Trust's legal action against UK gov's anti-scientific cull here: I've just given...

#Corruption in #Peru Aids Cutting of Rain Forest - just like elsewhere; depressing... (v @EllnMllr)

Talks open on no fishing zone to protect Antarctic seas - sounds fab; too much to hope it will happen...

Loz Kaye Rounds off #PPUK13 Conference: "If We don't Speak Out, Who Will" - well, indeed #pirateparty

jIyIntaHvIS not qajegh - you have just been - what's the word...? (v @edyong209 @MishaAngrist)

Bad Science - interesting & important stuff

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