Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131006 - http://bit.ly/197P2LV yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Asia gets on with it while America’s out of play - http://bit.ly/18JdfJk #TPP: "a dead cat that no one in Congress will want to pick up"

Shale gas firms face #EU methane emissions regulation - http://bit.ly/19tC7b6 too right #fracking

#TTIP: EU Health sector braced for 'damage control' - http://bit.ly/GDmgdw "damaging" healthcare means people will die: do we want this?

Are overseas-based companies free from #NSA requests? Australia’s FastMail thinks so. - http://tnw.co/1b20r0T a bold claim...

Europe Aims to Regulate the Cloud - http://nyti.ms/1a4s1se not so much regulation as protecting EU citizens from mass surveillance

Kiwis must reject #TPP – Democrats for Social Credit - http://bit.ly/GDmRvJ hardly being given a chance to, though... #NZ

Seed Security Vital for New Zealand - http://bit.ly/GI60IC #TPP will destroy this #patents

Intense lobbying in EU ahead of key vote - http://bit.ly/15VviJb let's hope MEPs remember their job is to protect us, not promote cancer

University installs solar-harvesting pavement - http://bit.ly/17MiA3d great idea #renewables #energy

Web App Source Code Protection Community Group - http://bit.ly/1afaXB9 deranged: openness is a strength, not a problem (v @janl @smarimc)

#NCA lacks oversight and transparency - http://bit.ly/15R7oDP without FOI accountability, little better than the secret police #uk

European Principles Of Due Process Shoved Aside To Hunt Down Pirate Bay Founder - http://bit.ly/1bPufyO shabby behaviour

Agcom, il nuovo sceriffo del web non ascolta critiche - http://bit.ly/198tqko looking bad in #italy, even without berlusconi... #copyright

World Bank 'gambling assets' by investing in private water firms - http://bit.ly/1b2vTwc typical betrayal of poor by the bank of the rich

"migrations to the #LibreOffice office productivity suite already saved half a million euro" - http://bit.ly/1bCaNZS #opensource

Niger delta #oil spills: the real cost of crude - video - http://bit.ly/1e3GB7g the hellish price the poor & nature pay for our addiction

Canadian spies targeted Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry - http://bit.ly/15RgwZ4 more industrial espionage:@dilmabr won't like that...

All Your Child's Data Are Belong To InBloom - http://bit.ly/19v8rV0 thanks to  Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch... #surveillance #education

#Soco’s oil exploration in Virunga violates OECD guidelines - http://bit.ly/199Do3c bad stuff; UK gov must intervene

Ministers Plan Another Meeting on #TPP This Year, Japan's Amari Says - http://on.wsj.com/1hx8dl4 still in denial...

#badger cull: "Paterson had been repeatedly warned of the risk of failure by officials" - http://bit.ly/19uTwAf guess what? it's a failure

how to set up & run an air-gapped computer - http://bit.ly/1gkrAAf great advice from @Bruce_Schneier (v  ‏@joshuafoust @onewmphoto)#nsa

Intellectual Ventures and its 80,000 Patents - http://bit.ly/1bD1E3h now tell me that patents promote innovation #trolls

See World War II play out in 7 minutes - http://bit.ly/199SHc5 graphic in all senses

How A Telecom Helped The Government Spy On Me - http://bit.ly/1e4rSco fascinating stuff

#NSA freedom of information requests up 1000% post-Snowden - http://bit.ly/GJjtzU that's good; more please...

Let's not be hasty on #TPP, Key cautions - http://bit.ly/1gkAOwn interesting comment #NZ

Lo que esconde el tratado comercial transatl√°ntico - http://bit.ly/17ceLAZ good summary #TAFTA/#TTIP

Trade secrets galore: #EU consultation reveal citizens' don't want it - http://bit.ly/1a5NNvs impossible to keep in age of Internet, anyway

.@lessig:"I’m going to release a free print/ebook of Lesterland. grateful for clever ideas for cover design." - http://bit.ly/15ijCTE

#Brazil is tip of the iceberg on Canadian spying,@ggreenwald says - http://bit.ly/1gkUErp can't wait (v @sunil_abraham @RonDeibert)#ca

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