Thursday, 3 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131001 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Patents Against People: How Drug Companies Price Patients out of Survival - #TPP will make this much worse #generics

Obama's bold trade plan faces resistance on Asia trip - #TPP meeting resistance in #Malaysia

The Futility of Obama’s Southeast Asia Trip? - more problems for #TPP

Taking care of business: Abbott and #TPP - "a potential minefield for the government" #australia

#techmums “Educate a woman and you educate a nation” - great idea (v @tom_watson)#computing

Retaining our right to regulate alcohol warnings - #TPP will take this away from #australia, #NZ, #malaysia etc

#Microsoft investors reportedly press for Bill Gates to step down - interesting: first time we've heard this, I think

#BBC betrayed its values by giving Carter this climate platform - "no UK scientist willing to challenge the IPCC"

Europe's Largest Internet Exchange Decides To Open US Office, Risks Making Itself Subject To #NSA Demands - madness

Secret safety studies undermine #EFSA's transparency claims - safety data must be #opendata, or it can't be trusted

astonishing: party of the rich takes US to brink over providing basic healthcare for poor & needy - so mean-spirited

Richard Stallman on the Painful Birth of #GNU - astonishing battle that led to the birth of #freesw #rms

#Cargill used shell companies to buy its way into Colombia’s 50-year civil war - one of most dangerous cos. in world

Our Planet’s Climate is broken, but #copyright stops us reading about it (unless you have 50,000 USD) - sick

lawmakers call on the #TPP member governments to disclose information on negotiations - WIPO is open, this must be

Help uncover corporate networks! - great idea from @opencorporates - do help if you can... #transparency

"#TPP pact is nothing but an absurd agreement which endangers people’s lives" - people waking up in #japan

Limits Of Intelligence Gathering: Kenyan Govt. Warned A Year Before Attack Terrorists Were Targeting Westgate Mall -

UK isolated in Data Protection Regulation discussions; result of #NSA leaks? - good analysis (v @incloud @bendrath)

police officer's statement about Miranda's TrueCrypt'ed hard disc - it's just nonsense, technically (v @JackofKent)

#NSA Now Claiming 'Terrorist Chatter' Leak By Unnamed Govt Officials 'More Damaging' Than All Of Snowden's Combined -

New Encrypted Email Services Coming From Kim @KimDotcom's Mega And @Newzbin - sign of the times... #nsa

FBI's Case Against Silk Road Boss Is A Fascinating Read - yes, indeedy... #bitcoin

#Fracking protests hit UK public support for shale gas - "most effective means of changing the public mood."

#NSA Director: We Don't Spy on Americans' Social Networks - not that he'd choose his words carefully, of course...

Elephant ivory could be bankrolling #terrorist groups - yet another reason to fight it, no? #poaching

Dead Drops P2P File #Sharing Spreads Around Globe - fascinating & surprising trend

RT @oafrica South Africa to develop African smartphone … via @itnewsafrica >>#android, of course...

#Snowden’s E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys - wow, double kudos to Levison (v @trevortimm)

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