Saturday, 12 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131010 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP threaten cigarette packaging: Greens - and much else #ISDS

Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent, Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests - worrying & dangerous trend

Transatlantisches Freihandelsabkommen: "Schlimmer als ACTA" - good report of my #TAFTa/#TTIP talk yesterday #ISDS

#snowden's #NSA revelations: spies to go under spotlight - we shall see; but shows why he was right to leak this info

'What the Guardian is doing is important for democracy' - good see editors standing up for it #snowden

#TPP Talks tread water in Obama's absence - good analysis of how TPP is fraying at the edges

Japan's #TPP flip-flop likely to draw harsh reprisals - yes, should be fun to watch this...

.@EFF resigns from Global Network Initiative - too much #NSA in there, it seems...

 MPAA Screws Up Torrent Evidence in isoHunt Trial - whoops

Better fish stock management could yield billions, says report - lets do it then #EU

more sex-negative policing - "you can have one of these orders slapped on you because the police don’t like you" huh?

Snowden & the future: Eben Moglen lecture -  1 of 4: Westward the course of Empire - powerfully eloquent & vice versa

Anonymous comments could suffer under European Court of Human Rights ruling - potentially problematic

C.I.A. Warning on #Snowden in ’09 Said to Slip Through the Cracks - big question is: how often has this happened?

Europe must avoid tarring and feathering itself - calling #tarsands what they are: dirty & dangerous

Fracking firm barred from using chemical - "issue of water availability would have to be studied for each project"

Oxygen Lecture: #Maker Culture 1/2 - nicely approachable; can safely be given to elderly relatives... #openness

Open letter to the Prime Minister on scrutiny of the secret services - but will he listen? #gchq #surveillance

SnowdenAndTheFuture-Part-I - video of amazing talk: do watch it if you can: a great speaker

Secretive #TTIP talks on hold - "rights of corporations to challenge democratically made decisions through #ISDS"

#Google can use your name and photo alongside online ads, according to its new terms of service -

#Snowden Says He Has No Regrets - the least he deserves is satisfaction for what he's achieved (v @ggreenwald)

#Canada Wants VPNs to Log and Warn Pirating Customers - an awful precedent; negates whole point of VPNs... #copyright

TAC debunks pharma’s myths around patent law reform - great factual analysis #patents #southafrica (v @marcuslowx)

Feds Begged Washington Post Reporter Not To Name Companies In #PRISM, Because It Worried They'd Stop Cooperating -

#Fracking and Trade Secrecy Letter Open for Signatures - ridiculous to use trade secrecy to hide poisonous chemicals

Inside Atlas Obscura’s vault of hidden wonders - fans of Peter Greenaway will like this...

Spy court suspends surveillance fight between US & tech firm until end of government shutdown - not really important

#Malaysia can still walk away from #TPP, says analyst - & should if it cares about its citizens

Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation - "undermining of the trust" caused by you-know-who #nsa

Why Shutting Down U.S. Antarctic Research Will Have Global Repercussions - denialists will doubtless rejoice

20 percent of #Spotify’s songs have never been played - no surprise, the long tail is incredibly thin...

The core Internet institutions abandon the US Government - big: "latest fallout from the #Snowden revelations"

Why We Need an Invasive #NSA - risible & technologically illiterate attempt to whitewash global US surveillance

#NZ's Key showing restraint on TPP despite lingering glow - will obama make #TPP a machismo-demo?

 Top sites (and maybe the NSA) track users with “device fingerprinting” - why am I not surprised? #privacy

Hillary Clinton: we need to talk sensibly about spying - unlike the head of MI5, who wants silence & obedience...

I Am Benedict #Cumberbatch. AMA. - interesting, but suspicious: would he really spell "humour" without the "u"...?

Exam board contacts Jewish school over censored GCSEs - "evolution deliberately blacked out of science papers."

School Suspends 10 Students For Commenting On Image That Appears To Show Principal Choking Student - it'll learn...

LA Times cuts off climate-change deniers - not unproblematic, but understandable

Emily Temple-Wood: A cool Wikipedian on a big mission - many more like her needed... #wikipedia

Freihandelsabkommen: Alle Macht den Konzernen! #NotMyEU - #ISDS #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Brazil to host global internet summit in ongoing fight against #NSA surveillance - (v @DonaldGBoudreau @normative)

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