Thursday, 17 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131015 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

MT @RickyPo major research funding agencies in Canada looking for feedback on #OpenAccess >>good opportunity - use it

Former Labour minister accuses spies of ignoring MPs over surveillance - #gchq is clearly out of control

"those that protected [Savile] put monetary gain & his celebrity above looking after [victims'] welfare" - #celebrity

How MPs & peers took on May and spy agencies over '#snooperscharter' - great to see some defending our liberty #gchq

Doctors' Secret for How to Die Right - "It seems the more familiar you are with interventions, the less you want"

Emergence of a Political Process That Allows Right-Wing Billionaires the Power to Turn off Govt. Like a Switch - #us

.@ggreenwald leaves Guardian for new venture backed by eBay founder Pierre #Omidyar - interesting combination

#China warming to #TPP, bi-partisan NZ approach vital: Groser - seems unlikely

Open codec pioneer leaves Red Hat, joins Mozilla to work on next-generation video codec -

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The Commission's (non-)response to Dalligate - not good

Xiaomi Sells Out of Mi3 Smartphone in 86 Seconds - that's 100K of them... #china

Video of yesterday's panel at @Europarl_EN on #DRM in #HTML5 - you can watch me go ballistic around 13' 20" point

Cameron urges committee to investigate Guardian - "damage"? show us; UK gov should be investigated over this #gchq

MT @EU_TTIP_team "We aim for an ambitious #TTIP,are dedicated 2 inclusive negotiation process involving all our stakeholders">>except public

Budapest Water Summit offers mirage of #water for all - just #waterwashing (v @satokokishimoto @corporateeurope)

#Lavabit Case Shows Why We Need Tech Literate Judges - excellent analysis #privacy

“#OpenScience Works!” - useful summary of yesterday's meeting, which I couldn't attend, alas... #opendata #openaccess

Tell the energy industry: our forests aren’t fuel! - greedy madness

Outdoor Anonymity Will Be Eroded in 10 Years, Gone In 20 - worth thinking about – now...

On the Prospect of Blackmail by the #NSA - has to be a concern

"Creative Commons released a policy statement expressing its support for #copyright reform efforts around world" -

Intellectual Property Rights do not equal Innovation and Creativity - interesting analysis

My Next Adventure in #Journalism - Omidyar gives some thoughts on the new project with @ggreenwald

first bezos, now omidyar: can we say that 2 data points make a trend of Net billionaires dabbling in journalism?

When Will Hollywood Stop Blaming Everyone Else And Help Itself? - that may be a rhetorical question...

Δράσεις Ελληνικής Ομάδας Εργασίας για τα Ανοιχτά Δεδομένα - after #openaccess, now #opendata

#DRM In #HTML5: What Is @timberners_lee Thinking? - no, really - what? #copyright

Thanks to #NSA, German e-mail providers see flood of new customers - hardly a surprise

#MPAA Says #Piracy Damages Can’t Be Measured - strange how MPAA can be so sure they are serious, then

Boots’ £1 billion pound tax dodge shows we need #opendata on who really owns companies - too right

Five gruesome truths about the sorry state of the global food industry - just look at that missing water...

Conservatives open door to free trade with EU after reaching cheese import deal - is #CETA done? /cc @mgeist

"The Wealth of Ideas - What is wrong with our system of Intellectual Property and how to fix it" - free download

Senior Doctors Endorse Nurses Concerns Over Secret #TPP - that means TPP will be bad for #NZ health

MP asks Police 2 investigate Guardian - must ask to investigate NSA/GCHQ for undermining crypto - more damaging 4 all

"#TPP would subject US to tribunals under authority of World Bank & UN" - do Tea Party/Republicans really want that?

How The Government Blocked An Expert From Attending Its Own Cryptology Symposium - obvious how this ends...

If #CETA is done, as rumoured, this means the European Commission will be publishing the agreement immediately, no? #transparency

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