Monday, 14 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131011 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

pic of the week: Needling - fab image #london #clouds (v @Londonist)

#TPP could damage #Australia - no "could" about it: the public will suffer massively (v @DrRimmer)

#Shakespeare's fingerprints found on three Elizabethan plays - looks plausible

#TPP: Congress Must Reject Fast Track Trade Authority - otherwise there is no real scrutiny

'Grand Theft Auto V' Player Captures Hauntingly Real In-Game Pics - seriously impressive

Bloomberg Says #London, Not Silicon Valley, Is New York City's Top Tech Competitor - interesting (v @mikebutcher)

US fears back-door routes into the net because it's building them too - tricky issue to deal with...

Cops raid home of ex-vice madam about to tell on wild parties involving top Tories - coincidence, no? (v @tom_watson)

I've put the slides from my talk "#TAFTA/#TTIP: trade, Internet and democracy" online - freely downloadable #ISDS

Why the media has gone silent on #climatechange - who's most to condemn here? #denialist knaves, or #denialist fools?

#DRM in HTML5 is a victory for the open Web, not a defeat - old post, still utterly wrong: would validate a bad idea

#DRM/EME in HTML5 - an American thing - this is a very interesting analysis from #EU viewpoint /cc @timberners_lee

The basking shark returns to British waters - fascinating and hopeful tale...

New York Times says UK tried to get it to hand over #Snowden documents - UK gov clearly staffed by idiots #nsa

re last tweet: point being, you can't "hand over" digital documents, because there is no single "copy" to hand over, but potentially dozens

#GCHQ accused of monitoring privileged emails between lawyers and clients - well, of course - & every other kind too

#GCHQ mass surveillance putting right to challenge state at risk, say lawyers - sliding into a #policestate (v @e3i5)

Quietly, some geeks are decentralizing the net. Again. - we need this to fight surveillance...#nsa #gchq (v @rbanffy)

"#ISDS in #TPP seeks to empower foreign investors to sue governments where profits (real & potential) are hurt" -

The #Copyright Monopoly Can Only Be Enforced With Mass Wiretapping, & Must Therefore Be Torpedoed - obvious, really

Google Jousts With South #Korea’s Piecemeal Internet Rules - weird; how not to do it (v @dml)

Europe won’t save you: Why e-mail is probably safer in the US - but "safer" isn't good enough: we need "safe"...

RT @rupertmurdoch "Please expose Eric Schmidt, Google " etc. Just wait! >>hmm.... (v @clarinette02)

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