Saturday, 19 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131017 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Obesity experts appalled by EU move to approve health claim 4 fructose - shows #EFSA not fit for purpose - reform it

Ed #Snowden Confirms He Took None Of The Documents To Russia - so stop bleating on about it

GOV.UK - 1 year old and improving all the time - built with #opensource; now used by #NZ too

Data Protection Regulation: Leaked Compromises - wow, lots of them #EU

Won’t someone think of the children, part 534: Follow the money? - ridiculous overreach #censorship #uk

 Le #CERN publie des photos sous licence Creative Commons By-Sa - as they should, but welcome news anyway

Dutch Telcos Used Customer Metadata, Retained To Fight Terrorism, For Everyday Marketing Purposes - as we warned

After Snowden’s leaks, China’s Huawei calls for more transparency in the tech industry - worried US may damage image

Against EME in HTML5: The panel debate - report on this week's meeting in European Parliament on #DRM

Speak Out for #Privacy in Europe - pl. ask your MEPs to protect personal data of Europeans; easy-to-use form...

Britain – no country for top carnivores - remarkable rewilding, with good news - EU - and bad news - zoophobic UK

‘Individual privacy vs collective security’? NO! - interesting discussion #nsa #gchq

#EU and #Canada conclude negotiations on trade deal - so, release the text immediately - no secrecy needed now #CETA

Here are the world’s worst cities for air pollution, and they’re not the ones you’d expect - London's is far too high

Canada - EU Trade Agreement Reached "In Principle": Now Release the Text - @mgeist on the still-mysterious #CETA

#CETA Reached "In Principle": The Intellectual Property Provisions - useful summary of what we know by @mgeist

Foreign Office hoarding 1m historic files in secret archive - more UK government duplicity & evasiveness

Private search engine Blippex turns to WebRTC to guarantee surfers’ anonymity - interesting approach

Can academics use the "#copyright termination" system to recover academic works? - any thoughts? #openaccess

Internet firms urge more transparency over UK requests for user data -  the pressure builds #gchq

Datawind’s Sub-$50 Android Tablet Hitting The UK Soon, Next-Gen Device Matches iPad Specs On Paper - won't stop there

UK's top prosecutor defends journalists who break law in public interest - bravo (v @suigenerisjen)#snowden #gchq

Evolving Patent Issues and #TPP - excellent summary of patent stuff that is even worse than US law - madness to sign

#Snowden's -ve Writeup By CIA Was For Whistleblowing; Taught Him Why Going Through Proper Channels Gets Punished -

Energy Companies Trying To Abuse Intellectual Property Law To Hinder Research Into Impact Of #Fracking - not

Fishermen in Peru slaughter #dolphins to use as bait for shark fishing - "butchered while still alive" shame on #peru

Feinstein's Bragging About #NSA Surveillance Program May Result In It Being Declared Unconstitutional - wow, big

The Government Shutdown's Incalculable Damage to Scientific Research - insane waste

Quantal, raring, saucy… - behold the "trusty tahr"; I was rooting for the tenrec, myself... (v @sjvn)#ubuntu

#GCHQ scandal is not about Guardian. It is an insult to parliament - #gchq is out of control: can parliament stop it?

 The Navy’s newest warship is powered by Linux - fascinating details #opensource

A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity - impressive. brings back memories of my PhD - well, not the singing #instantons

GPs condemn David Cameron's open-all-hours surgery plans - wants #NHS to "fail" so companies can be brought in...

Wisconsin County Becomes First #TPP-Free Zone - can they do that? does it have any force?

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