Friday, 4 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131002 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

TPP : The Parley in Bali - why #TPP is in big trouble, despite the propaganda; brilliant, in-depth analysis

#Amazon Unpacked - amazing pix of amazon's huge warehouse in UK (v @piercepenniless @cr_celab)

The #TPP trade deal needs to take a stand against Big Tobacco - another reason TPP must be stopped #cancer #ISDS

Ocean acidification due to carbon emissions is at highest for 300m years - something denialists overlook

What does the #IPCC report mean for business and investors? - that carbon assets will become worthless

#China Sends Mixed Signals On Censorship - but then so is the West #nsa #gchq

anybody know about this lot? - a secure email service, but not one I've come across before...

Peruvian Congress Finalizes And Approves New Computer Crime Law In Secret Session, With No Public Discussion - bad

Guardian readies Snowden book - I do hope Mr #Snowden will be receiving his share of the proceeds... (v @wikileaks)

#GCHQ faces legal challenge in European court over online privacy - important & necessary move #surveillance

Time to Fight Against a #DRM'd Web - by Forking It - if we want an #open Web, we need to build an alternative #html

Contrary to what you’ve heard, #Android is almost impenetrable to #malware - interesting, but will others agree?

Nobel laureates press EU leaders to classify #tarsands as high carbon - anything else would be a travesty

Governments in #TPP urged to reject political trade-offs harmful to access to medicines - but they're not sick...

#GCHQ to face European court over mass surveillance - official release about & welcome important move

How Pentagon Is Turning #Italy Into a Launching Pad for Wars of Today & Tomorrow - good analysis (v @LifeinSicily)

The Sweet Little Criminal Next Door - what a strange world we live in... #silkroad #bitcoin

EU surveillance hearing is told of huge cyber-attack - pathetic answers from UK and belgacom (v @ClaudeMoraesMEP)

#Snowden files: why the British public should be worried about #GCHQ - important long analysis from John Lanchester

Misleading Figures Used To Puff Up Importance Of #IntellectualMonopolies In Europe - the usual fun with numbers

Patent Trolls Ramp Up Lobbying Efforts - excellent, that means they're worried...

The newsonomics of the German press’ tipping year - "The death knell is beginning to sound" #newspapers

#Copyright & Creation: A Case for Promoting Inclusive Online Sharing - #LSE report confirms: piracy is not a problem

#Adobe’s network compromised: 2.9 million customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers, and source code -

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