Sunday, 26 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140124 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Don't block fracking, Cameron warns - is he a knave or a fool? even industry says #fracking will not reduce EU price

The Scheme Turning Public Police Forces into Private Security for Corporations - this must be stopped #uk

British Judge Rules Google Can Be Sued In UK Over Privacy Case - could set a hugely important precedent

#Circassians return to Sochi before Winter Olympics – in pictures - good to see a mini-renaissance here

peers call for proper scrutiny of US military bases in UK used for drone strikes and mass spying - long overdue

Open Letter From Security Researchers Explains How #NSA Has Weakened Our Communications Infrastructure - good stuff

EU Court Of Human Rights Fast-tracks Case Against #GCHQ; More Organizations Launch Legal Challenges To UK Spying -

Chinese Banknotes Stamped With QR Codes Breach Great Firewall - clever

US/EU Free Trade Agreement: more pain, and more corporate gain - from November, but still an excellent analysis #TTIP

A Timelapse: Building Tabby, the #OpenSource Vehicle - very cool

Oyster: How the 'Netflix of books' won over the publishing industry -  anyone tried this? presumably #DRM'd... #ebooks

We’re pushing democracy (not panic) button on #TPP - good debunking of FUD that's flying around: it's not over yet

Is the #NSA infringing #copyright? - now there's an interesting question; here are some answers...

Einigung über Datenschutzreform nicht vor den EU-Wahlen: Das Gute an der schlechten Nachricht - it's complicated

San Francisco's guerrilla protest at Google buses swells into revolt - now this is interesting...

Extremist religion at root of 21st-century wars, says Blair - ORLY? I thought it was morally-bankrupt politicians

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