Saturday, 18 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140116 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

 Copyright or copywrong? The state of #copyright in #Australia - useful review of bad idea that keeps returning

non-secret #TPP "would be an open invitation for a heap of lobbying interest groups" - absurd and insulting argument

Another month, another Wikileak – For God’s sake release the text! - too right #transparency #TPP

Nuevas filtraciones de Wikileaks: Amagan empresas de EU ecología - #mx #TPP

Wikileaks filtra tercer documento del #TPP - #pe

Leaked #TPP Document Reveals No Regard for Environment in Trade Agreement - good analysis of fast track problems

The #TPP Greenwashes Dirty Politics - "sellout to fossil fuels and no enforcement ability" (v @wikileaks)

#Microsoft Agrees To Hand Over #Skype User Data To Russian Police - how helpful of them #ru

List of Smoking-Related Illnesses Grows Significantly in U.S. Report - all-the-more reason to bring in #plainpacks

UK Man Jailed For Not Giving Police Thumbstick Password - #RIPA needs a complete update

"[Hague] talked about being within the law on content. This isn't content. This is metadata" - crucial pt about Hague

Lord asks “Shouldn’t Filters (that don’t work) be compulsory?” - just as we predicted (v @STCPI @ralpost)#censorship

Growing Number Of People Agree That Ed #Snowden Is A #Whistleblower - US government losing control of the narrative

53 Years To The Day That Eisenhower Warned Of The Military-Industrial Complex, Obama Will Further Its Cause -

Things Barack Obama Doesn’t Consider “Abuse” - rewriting history #NSA

Emails reveal UK helping shale gas industry manage #fracking opposition - UK gov as biased as ever

presidential policy directive on surveillance - interesting, but not something we can really trust... #NSA

 You are here Obama's #NSA reforms ignore real problem and leave foreigners unprotected - they also incredibly vague

President Obama Surpasses Exceptionally Low Expectations On NSA Reforms, But Reforms Are Still Very Weak - & vague

Obama's #NSA 'reforms' are little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public - exactly right #sham

Letter from Five Members of Congress to USTR on #TPP and Access to Medicine [pdf] - "do not undermine public health"

Major Political Donors Have Access to #TPP Documents. Everyone Else? Not So Much - "all just a coincidence, right?"

USTR Refuses To Show Up For Senate Hearing On Fast Track - such palpable disdain #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Copyright Week: Fair Use Is Not An 'Exception' But The Rule - important point

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